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    How active are environmental groups in your city?

    In Chennai, we have this wonderful organization called "Exonora" started by a bank official that is contributing to the cleanliness of at least some parts of the city, through some good awareness. Similarly, there is the superb organization called "Siruthuli"(small drops) that is doing a wonderful job in Coimbatore city.

    Several groups of college students are also involved as volunteers. Do you have such groups in your city and what are they doing? If our cities are not maintained properly, we will be facing a huge problem in the years to come.

    How active are such groups and what is the scope of their work?
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    There are many NGOs and small social groups which are doing these types of commendable jobs in many areas. In my area also that is Navi Mumbai, there are many such activities sponsored or driven by many associations or social groups etc.

    Unfortunately, these are isolated events and people are working in a scattered way. Some of these groups are working silently without àny publicity but there are many who are working and getting their work appreciated in local or national media. They are particular that photographs of such events should be invariably taken.

    So there are efforts to keep the places clean, to plant trees, to increase the awareness in this regard but we do not have any common program at national level which can motivate people In large scale for these fundamental necessities.

    Still, the selfless and great contribution of the volunteers engaged in such work is praise worthy and wherever possible we should join them, help them and encourage them.

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    In our area we don't have such groups. We have a temple near house. The devotees who come regularly there formed a Samiti by name Srinivasa Siva Samiti. They will do service around that area. They also do annadanam to about 300 people one day every month. They take up the cleaning activity around that area once in a month and see that the temple premises are maintained clean and neat.
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    Well our colony takes the maintenance charge of 300 per month from every house including tenants and that is used to keep the colony clean from any kind garbage, waste, lanes and by lanes cleaning and above all keeping the plants and walk way in the park trimmed and neat. The garbage from each house is collected through wet and dry containers and then transferred to the big dust bin which is cleared on daily basis by the civic authorities. Like wise the street lights are switched on and switched off when required and there by saving from wastage of current and even the colony bore well water was regulated through timely supplies and thus no wastage of water on roads. So if in every colony such activities are taken up, surely the Swatch Bharath Abhiyan becomes hit and successful in every town, city, district, state and the country as a whole.
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