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    Do we need all this grooming at all?

    In the years gone by, there would be ponds and small lakes in many villages. The women folk would happily have their bath there and then have a simple make up with a mixture of turmeric. Their hair would also be combed in the most traditional way possible. This happens even today in many parts of Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu, even today.

    However, in every small town, there are beauty parlors that simply incite all passions of young girls. Most want to like the late Sridevi. Most of them think they are so beautiful. Those employed even spend up to or more than three thousand per month. The chemical treatment does its own damage after two years. They develop allergies. The young boys and the men start copying the women too.

    Can't we do without this horrible thing? I see even eighty plus women frequenting these places. This is a multi-billion dollar industry. Can we stop this?
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    Even in the days of Indus Valley Civilization, women used lip-stick for enhancing their beauty. This is seen everywhere, in every period. The beauty parlours are only encashing this attitude of women. We may not like it but it is quite natural and logical. What I feel disgusting when men also go to men's beauty salon and spend thousands of rupees for their own 'beautification'.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is true. The beauty parlours are making merry. This is due to the attitude of the ladies only.Majority of ladies are interested in getting ready pretty well. They want to enhance their beauty by getting treated there. Many know that these chemicals are harmful in long run. Even then they don't want to go away from this habit. Turmeric is the best to keep the original beauty for long.
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