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    Why we need to legalize the relations

    This question was bouncing my head for long. Why do we need to register marriage? Why need to legally adopt a child? Why do we need to write will of what we acquired in life? Why? Even nowadays, the rules have become more complex in relation to the Will and its distribution among the siblings.
    We, as human, having the most of intelligence on the planet, cannot survive without such complexities in life?
    We have nourished an evil brain in each of us which eventually created all these legalizations. If the partners feel secure in marriage, they would not get it registered out of any insecurity, if a person does not have any bad intentions after adopting any child, I guess there would not be any need to adopt a child on paper. There are many other such things related to siblings, parents, life partner pointing towards the uncertainty of love, affection, trust, care, and support.

    But all this is for what?
    Please share your views and discuss it decently.
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    All legislation have arisen out of necessity. Registration of marriage was not at all mandatory. Even now marriages do not become null or void just because they are not registered. Some traditional marriages conducted as per traditional ways in front of others are also accepted.

    However when some benefits or rights has to be legally enforced, to establish the same registration helps. Registration is to enable legal remedy more convenient. That itself is an establishment of the event(let it be marriage or any other event or contract). In the event of breach of contract or seeking some legal remedy the event or contract is already established legally due to registration.
    This is the case of any other legislation. Legislation ensures uniformity and protects the rights of even the weak and helpless.

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    There is no necessity of registering the marriage for legalizing the relationship. The marriage conducted traditionally in presence of all the known people is also acceptable. But for certain processes and benefits it is becoming necessary to register the marriage.
    The adoption of a child is to be registered only to see that afterwards there will not be any complications with others regarding to the properties going to the adopted child. The root cause of all these is the property and the wealth. If a poor man adopts a child there may not be any problem even though not registered. But if a rich man is not registering the adoption, after his demise many of his relatives may claim the ownership of his wealth if there is no Will from him. To avoid such complications only all these laws are being made.

    always confident

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    Your point is valid but at the same time it has an emotional touch as to why so much formality when the intentions are clear. Actually we perceive the world as we are, so if our intentions and thinking is clear we will not find fault in others, but here comes the real twist.
    All humans are not the same, we do not continue with same emotions throughout our lifetime, it changes with time, our priorities change with time. Each person is different in some way or other, if there is good then there is bad also. So one person can live without going into any kind of registration or adoption formalities but the other person may misuse the same.

    That is why these rules have been formed to avoid exploitation or misuse of someone's trust and sometimes being practical even in emotions is good for all.
    Many a times people get cheated because of the trust they pose in others but doing a little paperwork can save a lot of emotional hurt as well as financial.

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    Why do we need to register marriage? Because even though the arranged marriages were held but later on issues of divorce on petty issues surfaces between the couples and protect the rights of the girl, it is necessary to registered a marriage. Why need to legally adopt a child? Sometimes after some days, the original mother may claim that her baby or boy was kidnapped and restore. To avoid tangle of such worst conditions the adoption must be legalized. Why do we need to write will of what we acquired in life? Because after the death of the elders, the client to claim properties would surface from far off and if the will is there even the law supports. Though people do take precautions and actions to legalize everything for the secured future which may not lead to commotion but I have seen in many homes things happened away from the matter written in will.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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