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    Is US-China trade war good for India?

    US has increased trade tariffs on Chinese goods. And in retaliation China also imposed the same amount of tariffs on US imports. It is a known fact that China has huge trade surplus with US. If US keeps on increasing the trade barriers, China will be the ultimate loser. It is now clearly visible with less fund flows into Belt and Road Initiative, which is a good sign for India. China has similar trade position with India. It has a huge trade surplus with India also. China is digging our backyard with our own money. In my opinion, India should also do the same thing with China as US did. Members, what do think? Is US-China trade war good for India?
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    For that matter China has been producing better quality products than India and after Modi took over , the trade relations between India and China has gone new low and now the relations between the US and China is also bitter due to heavy tax imposed by US on Chinese products. US has been flooding with Chinese products and the best way to control imports would be to impose high taxes and the Trump administration has done same for China and India too. By the way China's tussle with US wont benefit us as our products are also imposed with huge taxes. Only the change in American presidency can ease out the trade between India and China.
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    For me it's two different scenario wherein the China is far ahead in terms of the quality & quantity & therefore the options are limited. India can go ahead with the option of increasing the import duty on few of the segments & the items but can't get aggressive on all the ranges.

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    The bitterness between US and China definitely will have a good impact on India. India should also follow the same strategy as that of US and see that the Chinese products will become costly in India also so that their product sale will comedown. As such more from our country can be sold. If we can export more products to US to replace the Chinese products our country will have a better moment there.
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    The situation is very fluid at present. So, we must wait and watch. I feel that if the war continues, India will be benefitted by getting more benefits/concessions from both the parties.
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