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    Is there any reason for not providing Minimum Support Price for vegetables?

    Government in its Budget promised 50% profit to farmers over their cost of production and today it increased the MSP for many crops. We know that many vegetables perish very quickly. So, storing the vegetables for longer duration involves huge expenditure. Hence, vegetable farmers have to sell their products even at losses. But cereals, pulses and millets can be stored for quite some duration. Cereals, pulses, millets and vegetables are all grown by farmers only. Then why Government is providing Minimum Support Price for cereals, pulses and millets and leaving the vegetables to market vagaries? Don't the vegetable growing persons come under farmer's category? Is there any specific reason for not providing Minimum Support Price for vegetables?
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    According to Agriculture terminology, the vegetables and fruits wont come under the farming community because vegetables are grown as the intermediate crop or the vegetables are grown in between the gap of other products. More over selling vegetables is not that risky for the farmer as he can sell his produce at any town or city. That is the reason being the no minimum support price is given to the vegetable. And when many farmers produce the same vegetables or fruits, the markets would flood with same products and thus the government cannot guarantee MSP on vegetables and fruits.
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    The Vegetable rates vary from place to place within a district itself basing on the availability and the demand. Even a state will not have a common price for these products. Moreover I feel this sales are not in a organised market. So controlling the prices on all over India basis is a very difficult issue. The prices are also dependent on the season and when the items are available in abundance the prices may come down otherwise the product will get wasted. So the mechanism of declaring the minimum price may not be feasible for these fruits and vegetables.
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