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    70 years of Independent yet we do not have the basic infrastructure!

    You will probably have the big names of different political party from 56" inches to 28" inches of chest size. They all roar like tiger to buffalo whenever they are in election time or to blame each other. However, all the political party has failed to provide the basic infrastructure of the citizen of this country.

    We proudly talk about to make our cities like a rich city worldwide. But, just 2 hours heavy rains and the major streets will become a "Lake" where 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler all will turn into a boat. Walking on the street will be so tough so that you may never know when you will end your life going inside the open manholes. The life of a normal person is just nothing.

    We grown up so much so that we have reached to Mars. We have grown up so much so that we are standing with the top countries. Yet, we do not have the basic infrastructure to solve it out the water logging problems during Monsoon.

    If we can not solve this problem since 70 years of independent, what have we achieved?
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    A very valid question has been raised by Mr. Jeet Singh, the author of this thread. The apathy of most of the political leaders to the plights of common people, lack of civic sense among the citizens of the country, short-sighted vote-bank politics and population explosion are the main reasons behind this sorry state of affairs. People have to be conscious so that the political leaders can no longer bluff us before the elections.
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    The most sought out question since the time of our independence & we find ourselves even nowhere near to it. I would go on blaming the type of education being allotted to us which has made us lost of self respect wherein we don't have the courage to think over ourselves & work for the nation.

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    Yes. I feel again for this problem also the people are only responsible. We will easily forget the pains we underwent. When these leaders come to us show heaven in their palm we feel they will do miracles and we will give them the power. But they are visible to us only after 5 years again for elections and votes.
    The conditions will change only when we start questioning and revolting against the persons we promised and not fulfilled. Otherwise the conditions will be same even after another 70 years.

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    Very valid question from the author Mr. JeetSingh. What we could not do at 5 can never be done at 50. As long as we have politicians thirsty of money, we will never overcome this water logging problem. Let us call the Britishers back for few years to rule India to find a permanent solution to the water logging in Indian cities.
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    Even so-called cities which are built, money lending from World banks. As we have a lot of debts on each head.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    The author has the indirect dig at the way the Mumbai Municipal corporation failed to live up to the expectations as during every big rains in Mumbai, the roads looks like lakes and there is no provision for the drain water to get out and thus the low lying areas remain stagnated in the water despite the rains end and the slush wont go. This has been happening over 70 years and nothing happened. For that we have to complement the GHMC at Hyderabad who had already done the Monsoon preparedness one month back and thus there was no choking of drains during heavy rains and showers.
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