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    What kills the experience? Cliffhangers or spoilers?

    Does the film-watching experience get ruined by knowing an aspect of it beforehand or having the conclusion left suspended? Share your experiences of watching movies of both these types.

    Imagine you planned to watch a movie. Let's say the successfully running "Sanju" was the movie you were going to watch. You brought the tickets and are on the way to the screen. But you checked into your Facebook account just to browse the feed until the queue passes. You encounter an internet meme about the movie Sanju. The meme contains a major spoiler, let's says it reveals how Sanju's mom dies in this case. Now that is how a spoiler spoiled your experience.

    Assume case two. You're watching the movie and are satisfied so far. The end is near. What happened in the climax? Nothing. The show/movie left you with a cliffhanger. Imagine in this case the scene where Sanju is sent to prison is the climax and as he entered his cell, the credits start rolling. You will never know what happened to Sanju next. That is how a cliffhanger ruins the experience.

    Which one of these two cases ruined you the most? Spoilers are the exact opposite of cliffhangers. You know the outcome beforehand while given with a spoiler and you are left anticipating even after the movie ends in case of a cliffhanger. I am unfazed by both. I don't mind either. Spoilers let me anticipate the moment I knew already about and the cliffhanger lets me interpret the possible outcome for myself. But 2/3 hate spoilers and cliffhangers. What are your views? What spoils your experience more? Spoilers or cliffhangers? Or a combination of both?
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    I do agree with the author that spoilers and cliffhangers do spoil the viewing pleasure of any movie to which we should not give much credence. When a biopic is attempted, caution would be taken not to ruin the present life of the actor who is now out after the great ordeal. By further portraying what has happened inside the jail is something would hurt the feelings of the actor. Hence I complement the director for not going into the details and concealing the fact with credits going in scrolling. Nevertheless our reading of the actor in past and understanding the story so far has to be correlated and enjoy the making of the movie. And what we must appreciate is the fact that how the original character was being shown, what humiliation he has gone through during the troubled times, and who were supporting him at the time of crisis.
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    For me it makes no difference. I go to a movie to have some fun and time pass. I don't want to bite my nails in the movie theater also. Just go there, watch the movie, laugh loudly , leave the movie there and come back. Start working on your work. This is my attitude. No thinking, no discussions and others in the house. Maximum we may discuss for 10 minutes while coming back to the house in our car. Of course many people will be like what the author described. They don't want to know the movie end before seeing the movie. They will get upset if somebody tells them how the movie goes and how it will get ended.
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    I go to a movie for it's direction, presentation and cinematography. If the scenes are captivating, I do not mind spoilers or cliffhangers.

    The visuals and comedy aspects should be enjoyable and that is what I expect from a movie. Plot is only for the flow of story and that is that. What matters most is the imagination and presentation by the director and acting by the actors.

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    Although the suspense in the movie makes the audiences to go & watch the movies but for me it's the overall performance of the movie & so not limited to any suspense effect in part. This is important that few of the movies still remains the all time favorite for all of us. Many times this had been in the news that one individual had watched a movie for more than hundred times. This was because of the actors or the reason could be the story. In many of the occasions the type of songs led the audiences to go & watch the movie.

    I agree with the author for his views but the above points needs also to be taken into account. Like the USP or the "Unique Selling Proposition" for any other brand or the commodity, the movies too has got with its performance on some unique identities which could be anything.

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    I believe an experience to remember needs to be special in one way or other to you. Agreed, that cliffhangers do spoil our excitement sometimes but i think it is better than spoilers. Here is an example: imagine in some hypothetical world we are born with the exact notion of how our lives are going to be, would it be then a good life to live though? now in some opposite case imagine that you dont know your end, in that case i would be just getting more pumped up and curious to know about it, to follow it. I think the same concept applies in cinemas also. Spoilers just ruin all your quest of curiosity, on the other hand cliffhangers pumps it up.

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