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    English Can Influence Your Professional Life A Lot

    If you are a working professional, and you work at an organization where English is considered as the only medium to carry out communications, at that point it is of most extreme significance for you to learn English.
    As there may come every day certain circumstances, where you might have to express your thoughts, however you'll stop yourself on account of not being certain of what you will articulate before various individuals, who are dependably looking for mistakes conferred by anybody, and make an issue of that.
    So, start practicing your English, and give a great lead to your professional life.
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    I am inclined to agree with the author. However, writing all the title words in capital letters is not recommended. ISC suggest, members must refrain from writing all the words of your title in capital letter except the first one.
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    No one can deny the importance of this language in the arena of politics or of the administration. For sure that English language provides us a common platform wherein we can share our views & understand the thoughts of each other. How we go on using this platform is directly or indirectly related to the overall personality or the image of ours in the perceptions of others. This same in addition will consider us as professional or unprofessional & therefore more than anyone's interest & hobby this has become the need of the day to learn & implement in the most desirable way as required.

    The importance of this language is such that this is considered to the above of mother tongue of any developed or under-developed nations.

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    Learning English language has become compulsory and sure for every one irrespective being a professional or the ordinary citizen as in our daily walks of life this language is playing vital role in communications and especially those who want to have their say in social media too without this language your views cannot be understood positively by others. And if you talk English fluently with others, they get attracted and reveal more like wise when you talk to even strangers , they tend to give right information. And with this language one can live and survive in any corner of the world and that is for sure.
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    English is playing an important role in communication all over the world. It has become a necessity to learn the language so that we need not get handicapped. English is a universal language and this language will help us in many ways.
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    Having a good command in English gives a good edge for professionals who have to interact with clients and colleagues in places where English is the commonly used langauge. This is the case with call centres, helplines of popular brands, MNCs. I don't think there in anything wrong in learning written and spoken English to enhance one's employability and career. Learning English ( or even French/German to a little extent) open a new door of opportunities to work on the global platform. We should also encourage children and people to learn their mother tongue, the language of the state in which they live in so that we do not ignore our own Indian languages.

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