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    Attributing failures and success.

    Everyone strives hard to achieve the goals in ones life. Efforts and rigorous pursuits are supposed to be the building block of reaching success. Still, sometimes we achieve it while other times we fail.

    Many people attribute their successful achievements with their hard work but do not take the failures in that way and rather link it to their destiny and 'it was destined that way ' attitude.

    This attitude is reflecting their double standards as well as confusive state of their mind.

    What is the view of members on this? What is your opinion?
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    For that matter no one works towards the failure in life. Every one plans and executes their task for the success only but there are some moments in life which force the person work in wrong direction and that distraction would cause the failure. Yesterday I was watching a video where in driver belonging to Tamil Nadu Road Transport Corporation is seen reading the news paper while reading on the starring and amused and astonished me and many. See his concentration would be on the news paper and news and his driving on the road with the lives of 40 passengers is at risk to which he does not care. Now if accident happens, it is his failure. But he pretended to do multi tasking but at the cost of putting the lives of so many passengers. Likewise drivers are also resorting to driving with cell phone talking on. That is more dangerous as the concentration level deviates.
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    It is, I think, the human nature which takes credit for good results and positive outcomes but at the same time fixes the bad or unfavourable results in the name of destiny and in that process getting rid of any responsibility for that particular act and it's result. It may sound a bit clever but it is what most of the people are doing to hide their incompantancies or shortcomings.

    There are many things which are beyond our control and capability and are known beforehand so even those can not be blamed on destiny.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is the mentality of the people. Everyone wants recognitions and appeciations. So they always try to claim all the successes as their personal hard work and efforts only. But when they had a failure many times they wanted to disown the failure. They will try to throw the blame on to others. If it can't be attributed to anyone else they will say it is destiny and God has not helped us, so on and so forth. But a successful man will not do that. He will try to understand the root cause for the failure and tries to improve upon that particular accept so that the chance of getting a failure of same nature again will become fewer.
    This attitude is not due to confusion but due to double standards only. There are many people we have this nature.

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    This is an interesting fact which varies from person to person. As all individuals doesn't carry out with the same personality & so the different ways in which the jobs are accomplished are different depending on how this has taken place. From the sports to the business or with any other areas there would be for sure that we can be evident of the failures along with the success in our life. There can't be a person who got away with the huge success in his life without having any failures simultaneously. The failure or the losses are our learning tools which teach us the way in which the things should have been performed & so without this there can't be the success.

    Anyone who tends to believe in the destiny is weaker on their part for not able to come up with the hard work & practice. It's a common thing that only when we eat that our stomach will get filled up & rather if we believe in the destiny for our empty stomach than for sure we will die waiting for it.

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    This is basically human nature. However, I feel that it is particularly Indian nature.

    We often tend to believe in the concept of fate. We do not even understand basic things about fate. For example, if we wake up at 9AM and waste the entire day eating and sleeping or just watching the TV, this is also fate. However, during the very same time, some one else will be doing so much of hard work and he or she will automatically reap the rewards of such hard work.

    Failures and successes happen in everyone's life. Even the mighty Tata empire did make some mistakes. For example, the decision to buy a steel plant abroad, for a very huge sum, did not yield them any return. The industry itself is in a big recession and now since there is some increased demand, the losses will come down. The losses cannot become zero. However, the effort to aim at something big is not fate.

    In our own lives, we need to understand this basic fact. We should never go gaga over success. We should be calm during our failures. If we can do this, that itself will make a huge difference to our lives.

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    In reference to your comment which is, "However, I feel that it is particularly Indian nature", should not be the case but instead this is applicable irrespective of person or a place. This is to be noted that in biggest of the MNCs the Indians have occupied with the key posts including the Microsoft & the Google.

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