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    What a U turn. Congress-JDS government raise tax on petrol.

    Recently when the Modi government was revising the rates of petrol on daily basis, much hullah was made by the Congress and JDS in Karnataka and today they raised the tax on petrol and there by mocking at their own promise. What a U turn to which neither the Congress nor the JDS could give clear explanation. This proves that it is easy to criticize as opposition party but if is turf to perform as ruling party. Now the BJP would start agitating in Karnataka for reducing the tax on the petrol and that would be another mockery.
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    It is easy to advice. But it is difficult to practice. It is easy to preach. But it is difficult to practice. This is the fact of life. As an opposition party it is easy to say that the government has failed here and there. But when it comes to power, they may not be able to do what they have asked the other party to do. This fact is seen many times and there may be many examples. Now what is quoted by the author is one among such instances.
    Now Congress and JD has to face the music from BJP. However BJP may not react immediately before confirming the prices in other states where they are in power.

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    The very contrast of actions can easily be observed now. It would be interesting to take a note of the clarifications on this by the Congress party or this will prove out to be of another milestone in widening the gap between the Congress party & the JDU. In the coming general election the Congress party has left with the little options & so wouldn't prefer to take blame on themselves alone for this price hike. To be on serious note the Congress party will again try to fix the situation by diverting to some different other issues of which the BJP is already in job.

    Let's wait & enjoy the tussles in a short while.

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