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    Condemn one paisa, justify one rupee

    Let us go back two months before. The price of petrol and diesel was increasing almost everyday. Someday the increase used to be 1 paise and on some days it was around 20 paise per litre. Political leaders from the opposition camp created terrible noise. On a day when the Government raised by price by 1 paise (per litre), Shri Rahul Gandhi strongly condemned BJP Government on Twitter. His followers praised him a lot for his tweet (although he didn't write it on his own).

    After around two months or so, the Karnataka Government has slapped various levies, cess and excise duty and other taxes on petrol, diesel and motor cars. It has been calculated and found that the price of petrol and diesel would increase by Re. 1/- per litre in Karnataka due to increased taxes.

    Quite naturally, the Congress leaders of the state and leaders in Delhi are giving various innovative justifications for the increase. Alas! They can't blame the previous Government for this because the previous Government was of their own party.

    And Shri Rahul Gandhi! He has not tweeted his justification so far. Perhaps some others are preparing some brilliant tweets for him.
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    We understand this as a part of their strategy to neutralize or show the negative aspects of the ruling government. This has been the part of the Indian political arena & will continue to be the part of this & so what's the matter here for us to look after? Don't we feel that in due context the intention remains the most important in order for us to come to any conclusion & deciding of good or bad because from the external ways everything seems on a same side?

    Anyhow, this will continue to be the hot debate for few coming few days & it would also be interesting to look after the stands of each of the political parties then. The Congress would seem to be more confused this time in case it goes on justifying this hike. This too can be seen as an important milestone for the current ruling party but at the same time the Congress may be on back foot with having no choice left.

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    I have also raised the post on same issue. When it comes to their own decisions, the Congress always forget their protest and condemn attitude done earlier. It is easy to denounce the actions of the government when party is in opposition, but as soon as they come to power, then do act on their own and forget the past. The Congress brigade were up in the arms against the rise of petrol price by Modi government and now their own government at Karnataka has proposed more tax on petrol and thus the price has been increasing. Now the voters must be realizing their mistake.
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    I think this move to increase taxes on petrol is a horrible thing. The price rise on account of this single decision, will be felt in various other aspects of life. In the shopping centers of Bangalore, everything is so costly. Even if one accounts for the air conditioning in such places, the prices are so high. Now the traders will have one more excuse to quote even more prices. The common man will suffer.

    Yes, the Congress cannot claim any credit for this misadventure. Rahul Gandhi will loose face. The Kumarasamy Government has started with a very wrong decision. How come the great old fox, called Dave Gowda is so quiet? Surely, he must be party to such a crucial decision.

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    This is the mentality of the political parties. Of course there may be exemptions all ways. If I have done it, it is for the advantage of the public. If it is done by the others it is a suffering to the public. I feel the public should observe these issues and understand the mentality of these political leaders and parties. If the same thing happens elsewhere what will be the reaction of these people. Just think.
    When they blame the party which is ruling the country for the same actions why can't they stop themselves from taking such decisions.
    In this respect we should appreciate the Kerala government for their actions to reduce the prices of theses products in their state. Why the other states are not following the same will be a valid question to all other state governments.

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