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    In the near future we are liable to see more air-purifiers in our homes!

    An air purifier or air cleaner has been developed as an electronic device which will removes contaminants from the air in a room. Perhaps this small statement could be good enough to make us understandable of our preparations in context to the environment protection. Only a few times back that we were required to have the mask but this is not good enough to provide us the 24*7 protection of the increasing pollution & so the biggest brands have come up with their gadgets with a promise to provide safe air to the children & for the elders & above all for all family members. With this we have achieved yet another milestone but this time a step ahead raising concerns for our own existence.

    Don't you feel that we are ignoring the different milestones wherein we are liable for slow death in the future?
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    Right the air pollution in every city has been increasing alarmingly and stays in the cloud for long time and thus people are having lots of respiration problem. Even the oxygen is going to scarce due to pollution. I came across a banner in social media where in a company is selling oxygen cylinders of 6 kg each for 645 rupees and many are buying the same. If this is the case soon people would love to have their homes inside the forest no matter they confront with the wild life. But again that is also not possible due to restrictions of construction of house in the forest. So our days are more challenging in near future.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sir, you are absolutely correct. Unless we go for the electric car revolution ( which will be followed, hopefully for the lorries and the buses too) we will be in deep trouble. Am told in the USA., a huge revolution is on to develop electric cars. In India, we had the Rewa and this was subsequently taken over by Mahindra and Mahindra.

    After this, nothing much has been done. In Bangalore and Chennai the noise and pollution levels are so high. The presence of too many twenty storied buildings is another big headache as the sea breeze does not come to the heart of the city, in Chennai. In Bangalore, since the climate is superb, one does not feel the pollution but the presence of a huge amount of virus in the atmosphere, according to some doctors, is hugely due to the vehicle pollution. In New Delhi, the CNC buses were said to have done a wonderful job.

    As a matter of policy, the Central and State Governments need to wake up and do something rather urgently . We will only make our private doctors, who are already rich, very rich. It will lead to further social imbalances.

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    In these issues more than government, the individuals have to take more responsibility and show that they are for protecting the environment which is the priority number one these days. But we all live in Ac rooms and talk about the environment and not to abuse it. This attitude is to be changed. I don't know how many of us can do that. Every individual should think of themselves as we are answerable for ourselves at least. These days even in the villages we find many ACs and refrigerators also. They have a role in this mother earth abuse.
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