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    Which is the best State where private entrepreneurs flourish?

    Though seemingly we do have a lot of entrepreneurship in India, we are still way behind so many advanced nations.

    Yes, there is a huge amount of entrepreneurship in terms of a huge number or small establishments, more so, in the food sector. Particularly, all However, there is not much data on which is the best State where entrepreneurs flourish. In other words, they are able to get things done, without bribing anyone, where there is skilled manpower available to set up small scale industries and so on. Besides these, one should also have uninterrupted power, and adequate water resources too.

    While State is the best for small scale industries to flourish? Is there any reliable data available?
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    Nowadays most of the states (barring a few exceptions like West Bengal and Kerala) are welcoming the entrepreneurs with open arms. The most helpful states for the entrepreneurs are: Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
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    What I feel that Telangana and AP are leading in ease of doing business and that indicates that many new companies are vying each other to establish their facilities here. And the high light of the Telangana government is that they have the T-hub through which single window clearance is given to those Industries which wants to set up their facilities in IT, agriculture, Industries and allied fields. Even the research and development organizations are also given the lead. So I doubt such progress in other states like Gujarat, Orissa and Maharastra. But off late HP has showing progress.
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    These days many states are trying to invite entrepreneurs to invest and start some industries in their state. But some of the states are front-runners in this issue. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharastra are doing their best possible trials to attract the industries to their states. AP government is trying very hard and travelling against many odds to get more industries in their state. Gujarat was leading once upon a time but there is a reduction these days.
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    Since Telangana and AP are the newly formed states, naturally the Industrialists have the advantage of freebies and concessions announced by the respective governments and hence they are leading.
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