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    What is the present State of Higher Education in Bihar?

    Mr Nitish Kumar still stands out as one of the most honest politicians of Bihar. He had to choose between the devil and the deep sea. He chose the devil called BJP. Still, he is doing a fairly good job. One hears that there are new bridges built, new residential colonies coming up and so on.

    However, Bihar being the one State that has produced some of the finest IAS officers who have done a splendid job in so many places, one is really fed with stories about the status of the higher education in Bihar. Has Nitish Kumar been to do something and is the higher education status improving? If yes, that will be the best thing that can happen to Bihar.

    Members who know the inside story, may please share their views.
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    Unfortunately when we have unruly mob, no one can reach out to Bihar people in the field of education as improving and altering any courses would lead to non cooperation or nil cooperation. When my daughter wrote NEET exam and qualified last year, many Bihari people also came to write exam at that center and I have heard them discussing as to the what are chances of copying as they are in other state. That means copying is the birth right of every candidate there and we have seen news videos as to how the people would pass the chits to the students writing exams. It is the high time Nitish Kumar braces up. What I suggest that every student must be sent to other states to write exam with the government expense, so that the students would realize the important of studying at least the minimum to attempt the exams.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think the BJP and Nitin combination is doing a good job. There is a good progress in the state. But the majority of the people there are not very cooperative. They will always play fowl and their attitude is entirely different. So I will not anticipate any better changes in the states. It is what we see in that state for many years.
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    Indeed, Bihar is one of the most backward states in India where more than 50% people are uneducated. Only 15% of people reach high school. Often student migrant to other states for the better education. The situation of Bihar was not like that at the time of Independence. However, due to worst politics, caste system and fewer opportunities of job/work made the status of Bihar something that even a person who does not know the ground reality of this state, pass a half-baked judgment to the entire people of the state. This is the actual reality that even if they do good work or do the highest level of government job, they will never be entitled to the basic respect. Sadly, even people from the different state who call themselves "educated" take no time to vent out their hatred feeling toward Bihar or Biharis.

    However, even being in this poor situation, student those who are good at studies, do their hard work and go for Government Job. Because there are no opportunities on private firm/companies, so they have only option to go for the Government Job. That is why those brilliant students work hard, go for competition exams, if not they go for the Police or Army job.

    I know and have seen how student under shortage of everything work hard and gets the Government job. Yes, cheating is there, there is no denying on it. But, saying the entire students are the cheater, is something we should think 100 times before making a comment, think of those difficulties of the student in which they are in and then pass your judgment. Just because your daughter or son is a hard worker on studies does not give anyone the right to comment "cheater" to the entire Bihar state.

    I would certainly say that it is the Biharis who have to think over than politics and caste system to bring out themselves from this poor situations. Moreover, uneducated people are the main problem who does not understand the bad politics and dance with politicians tune.

    In the end, I will only say that though Bihar and Biharis have the shortage of everything but Strong Brain. If they are not better to compare to other state people, they are not lesser too. It is just the time and situation and they have shown their worth on every international level.

    So, don't judge Biharis with your personal opinion.

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    Sir a friend of mine was saying that Nitish Kumar is improving higher education in Bihar. As you can see from my thread i have not mentioned anything adverse about Biharis. I have not told anything bad at all. Some of the best IAS officers in Tamil Nadu are from Bihar. Do you know Sir, Mr Nitish kumar is still seen as a very honest poltician. Even as Railway Minister at the Centre he was too good. Coimbatore MPs demanded a train from Mumbai. Immediately he extended the Mumbai to Bangalore express to Coimbatore. He is always treated with respect because he is very honest. Otherwise,he might have become like Mr Yedi of Karnataka. Sir, pl do understand,as a citizen of India am always worried about overrall development. The late Jothi Basu of West Bengal was such a huge leader. Sir,he brought about a revolution in the power sector in West Bengal. I will be the happiest person to know and appreciate real development. Anywhere in India.

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