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    Does excessive doting not help the girl child?

    I had raised this thread earlier. But it was so lengthy. Perhaps many members did not read it at all.

    I am one of those fathers found guilty of excessive doting of their daughters. By nature, fathers always tend to dote on daughters. I do it rather excessively. Since she is now 22 years old, she has become a little more aggressive, more adamant and does want to live life only her own terms.

    Does excessive doting lead to this sort of behavior? Is doting, as such, so bad? What can fathers do?
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    I agree with the author that excessive care shown to girl child make them to feel that they are weak and cannot accept the challenges comes in life. They want to be independent and not depending on father for every matter. Yes up to the age of 10th class we have to be with them and after wards they are having their own choice of life and they carve out career from Intermediate onward and for that they want to take independent decisions. But father can always give good advice to his daughter and she is bound to listen. After all father would never deceive or deject his daughter.
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    Anything excessive availability is not advisable. This is what a saying says in Telugu. Whether it is a daughter or a son we should see that they will grow and come up in a way they will understand the life and behave in a well-matured way as per their ages. If we pamper somebody they think of themselves as very big and they behave in a completely different way. I know a person from his childhood who is just 2 or 3 years younger than me. They are very rich. But his parents were very down to earth persons. Unfortunately, this boy never understood the mentality of his parents and used to behave as if he was the best human being on the earth. Their parents tried to make him understand the life. But never successful. They spent lakhs of rupees for his education but he was not able to even pass intermediate.
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