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    Popularity of a movie

    Film makers make films on a variety of subjects and themes. They do a lot of efforts also to make it commercially successful. Ultimately, the film is successful if it is received well by the audience and more people line up to view the movie.

    Generally, it is seen that if the producers and directors select a theme related to the ups and downs or controversies of the life of a well known person or celebrity then chances of success of such films are more. Due to the curiosity of the general public such films get more attention.

    However it is not only the above factor as the other things like direction, performances of actors, cinematography etc also count a lot in the success of a film.

    What is the response of members to this understanding of film making? Does it happen so?
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    Popularity of a movie depends on the strong story line, the theme and above all the acting caliber of the artistes. For example take Sanju film. It is basically a bio pic of Sanjay Dutt , the great actor of Bollywood but gone through the troubled times in his life. Nothing wrong in bringing out such movies based on true life stories, but what the family members allege that the directors failed to bring in many character woven in the life of the actor and thus it partially made movie on the great actor. Moreover while taking out such pictures, the family members has to be consulted and then made. Likewise there was a movie recently on the life of great golden actress of South Indian cinema- Savitri and the role was played by Keerthi Suresh. But the way the film degraded the life of Gemini Ganesan was not acceptable. So film makers has to be careful on these issue.
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    Actually, one can't judge or predict the mind of Indian audiences. That is why even the good budget movie with best actors has been failed in the box office. And, the small budget movie with an unknown artist or low star cast movie has become hit.

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    The success or failure of a movie depends on many aspects. Some movies will be successful because of the music and some may be successful because of the storyline. Some movies will become very big hits based on the action of the popular hero of the region. Some will go by the way the storyline is treated and the film is directed by the director. Overall a movies' success completly depends on the combined efforts of the on the screen and off the screen technicians. But some movies will be received by a section of the audience but the picture may not run for many days due to the other section of the audience. Many award pictures were failed on the screen in the theatres.
    As far as I am concerned there is no a single formula which will say that if you follow this formula the picture will be successful. All depends on the mindset of the audience at that particular time and how about the other films released on and around that date.

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    Watching any movies one time out of curiosity or the movie being defined in a way so that this could even lead to the breaking of records & at the same time earning huge revenues are two different ways in which different people make their judgments. We are sure of the fact that even the big budget movies got flopped which although had a casting of renowned actors. So in context to this, the overall impression is what keeps the movie running & goes on to making a good hit.

    But we have to believe that for each of the movies there is unique selling proposition or the USP. The very concept believes that there has to be something unique about the movies or any other entities which forms the basis of performance in some way. And this very basis could be anything like the songs or the direction or this could even be the story.

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    Watching movies become interesting if the subject - theme fits in the present scenario and the message sent by the film would produce a lasting effects on the mind of the viewers. I do recall up a film Tare Jamin Par produced by Aamir Khan and the the story was revolving on a child who was rebuked for a minor mistake by his father and his father was really very harsh in his dealings where as he had a very soft approach for his elder son.
    It was Aamir Khan who gave a new lease to the life of the child with his painstaking approach in teaching the child. His constant effort changed the attitude of the child and ultimately he was rated as an excellent performer in his class.
    The strong message given by the producer is that one has to study the mind - make up of the child and with your love he could learn the lession with ease - does not matter how hard it is.

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    Popularity is a peculiar thing. Nobody knows which will be popular and when. It applies not only to films but also to books and many other issues. Particularly in the case of movies, the popularity may depend upon actors/actresses, dialogues, songs, dance sequence and steamy scenes. It is very difficult to know. Even if a film becomes hit today, similar film made on the basis of same success formula may not be a hit tomorrow. So, it is always a gambling.
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