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    If India is progressing, why successive Governments add new castes into the reserved category list?

    Different Governments boast that India is growing and poverty levels are reducing. But every time, new castes are added to the Reserved Category list either as OBCs or SCs. Adding to the Reserved Category list means, those castes did not get the fruits of India's development. This itself shows that the growth is not inclusive. For this, the Government itself is responsible. If they include new castes into reserved categories, why aren't they trying to remove some castes, which got the fruits of development through reservations? Why don't they keep the reserved category list as fluid?
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    Very good question posted by the author. When ever election comes, the parties which are near to any religion or caste would play the dirty politics of hiking the percentage of reservation and then wont keep promise. During YSR regime the Congress has promised 4 percent exclusive reservation for the minorities which was turned down by the courts citing reason that over and above the minimum quota of other castes reservation the , government cannot over take the threshold of 50 percent which open to the general categories. Now the TRS government has promised 12 percent reservation to minorities and that is pending since four years. So what I mean to state here that the parties know very well that the legal tangle would help them to get out of the promise and the voters would forgive them.
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    This is because of the fact that winning election through developmental works can't give you the surety but through caste & religion politics it's always there. This is a harsh truth which no political party would prefer to admit on their end. During any of the elections, big or small, the reservation part plays the important role for winning of the political parties & so we don't find any reason that this wouldn't be consisting of the strategy focusing on the percentage of reservation to fix in order to lure the particular section of our society. We are aware of the intentions of the political parties but it is sad that even the common people began to believe on them at once & cast their votes favoring them.

    Reservation has been the most preferred tool for securing the more seats but how far this has been responsible for the growth & development of the section of the society for whom it was meant for is still can't be calculated. This is so because the major part of the Muslim population still remains the most backward which although has been granted with the benefit of the reservation system. Instead of this, the ST/SC & OBC too doesn't match up with the main stream population.

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    There are two aspects. How many people vote for the party by seeing the government's works which made India grow and get developed fast. The voter depending on the benefits personally he gets or his family Will gets will decide on the voting. The parties will try to see that all such people will vote for them by giving some concessions like this. Here more than the government the voters are responsible. The Hyderabad city was developed very fast in the ruling of TDP. But the voters of Telangana felt that TRS will get them the separate state and they supported TRS. TDP last here. The state got divided and Hyderabad has become the property of Telangana. TDP instead of developing Hyderabad alone parallelly they might have distributed the development activities to two other cities in Andhra region today the situation might have been completely different. The voters are very different in their thinking.
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    Very good question. The same remains in the minds of most thinking persons.
    The answer is Politics has to progress..
    A similar question was posed by Rajagoplalachari to Nehru. He asked if the Congress was having some vested interest to see that India remains underdeveloped and poverty is not eradicated.
    The communists also used to dwell on the matter of unemployment of youth ,but spoiling any and every project to give employment. They always thrive on talking class difference, caste difference and gender inequality. As India is progressing and unemployment is very low compared to early times, many political parties especially the leftists find it difficult to get new members.

    Many parties just thrive on opposition and criticism and keeping the disgust and disappointment alive. Even when they get power,they will not do much to solve the issues they were fighting for. If everyone is happy and satisfied what they will 'fight' for and how they will get followers? How can they keep their importance?

    So they create a 'maya' of inequality and raise the threshold and scout for new set of people who can be lured into their side.

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    Though Supreme Court has given the direction that the Reservations cannot exceed 50 percent, Tamil Nadu got the exception. Similarly, other states may also get such type of exceptions. Over a period, for luring the voters of particular castes, Governments may include all the castes gradually into the Reserved Category, which will finally result in "reservation for all", which is nothing but "no reservation". I think Governments are following the reverse way to remove the reservations.

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    The action of including more castes into the reservation category by different Governments is mainly for getting votes in the future elections. I don' t think there is any other reason in such actions by a Government. It has already shown that the reservation policy is not giving the expected results.

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