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    Frictional force in our mind hinders the work

    From the Physics concepts, it is more difficult to move an object from rest but once it starts moving it requires comparatively less effort to keep it moving. This due to static and dynamic frictional force coming into play when the object is at rest and moving. Static friction is always more than dynamic friction.

    Similarly, in life, it happens that when we are going to start some work or activity there is a lot of hesitations and doubts in our mind as to how we will do it, how long it will take and what will be the result. We spend a lot of time thinking about it. Due to this we sometimes delay starting the work. Hence we experience something similar to static friction in our mind which tends to prevent us from starting. But it is commonly seen that once we are able to start the work somehow we get more comfortable with it and feel that we can do it without many problems. Here there is something similar to dynamic friction coming into play which is always less than static friction.

    Hence to be able to do anything we just need to overcome this static frictional force in our mind due to our fears and hesitations and start our work.
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    This could be referred as the most sophisticated explanation of the theoretical concept to that of physical happenings of the factual world & we can't deny of this. But this is all the way natural aspects for any of us but most appropriately this depend upon the quantity of resources available to us along with the risk taking ability. The so called the frictional force would be on much higher side when we are not regular to the activities or when we got limited with the options. Anyhow when we are surrounded by the excuses only then no matter what but we will liable for more failures then success.

    The author has quite appropriately explained the above that we just need to overcome this static frictional force in our mind due to our fears and hesitations and start our work.

    No excuses allowed.

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    It is a natural human trait which creates resistance in us for starting any thing. Some people have more of it why others may start a work with less time spent on overcoming hesitation and laziness.

    Whenever we want to start a work the first question comes in mind is - why should I do it? What I will get ? How will be I benefitted whether financially or physically or academically or prestige in the society or honoured by some group or get a prize. All these things come in the mind and when answer does not match with any answer the resistance increases.

    It means, for doing any thing a motivational force is required. More the motivation, more the tendency to start work in time will be there.

    Another interesting thing is hobbies and work. If it is a hobby one will immediately start it but for some person it may be a work and he will take considerable time to attend to it. So it is basically a matter of mindset that how we perceive a particular activity and undertake it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once you start moving already you have overcome the static friction and now you have to see about kinetic force only. So it is easy. When we have to start a new work we will have so many questions in mind which will make us to spend lot of energy and thoughts to initiate the work. Once you have started your initial hindrance as gone and now you have to see that you will keep going. When you go for an examination your mind will be thinking whether you can face it well or not. But the moment you see the paper your thinking will be narrowed down to the questions in the question paper. When once you answer a question you will move on to the next. This is generally how our mind will be working.
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    When we start a work , that must move in momentum without any hindrance or for many other reasons. For example a train starts slowly and then gets the momentum to go fast, like wise in our life too we must start slowly and gain the fastness once we are sure that we are in right track. More over those who hastens to work urgently in the beginning are bound to fall or fail sooner or later. Being slow, you have the lever to correct yourself , otherwise you cannot stop yourself.
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