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    My ISC member level changed!

    I casually saw that I am promoted to the Diamond level from Gold level. That means I am to attend regularly this channel and participate in the discussion forum or go on contributing to other sections. Otherwise, I may go back to Gold again! Going on retaining the 2500 point level in 12 months without break. That is a challenge, as far as I am concerned.
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    Congrats TMS sir. Now you are a proud Diamond member of ISC. Surely, you need to work hard to retain the member level. We all hope that you can do it and reach the platinum level very soon.
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    Congratulations Sankaran Sir on getting the Diamond shield. we would be happy to see you with your regular participation in forum.

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    Congratulations Sir. Now that you have achieved yet another milestone here is certainly a good news but in order to keep up with the level you will have to keep up with some extra efforts too & so more challenges ahead.

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    Welcome to the diamond level membership and it shows that you are steadily contributing in the past.

    As said 'slowly and steadily wins the race ', you have proved it.

    With your constant participation we feel that it will not be far that you attain the platinum level. All the best and keep contributing.

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    Congratulations Mr T M Sankaran Sir on becoming a diamond member. Hope to see you in the Platinum club soon. I have just joined the diamond club a few days ago.
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    Congratulations to Mr. T.M. Sankaran for achieving the Diamond shield. I hope that from now on all of us would be able to read his valuable threads (and also articles) more regularly.
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    Congratulation! Actually, it is not so tough to maintain the point tally. If we calculate the point needed in one day, it comes almost 7. So, if you earn the point at least 7 a day, you will have balance in your point tally. However, you have to be regular else you will be switching between Gold to Diamond, as in my case happening. I think, I am the member who is most uneven in collecting the points.

    Welcome to the Diamond Club, all the best and good luck.

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    Congratulations for joining the Diamond club. We all will be happy to see you here regularly and I will gain and learn many things from you. You may be thinking as a challenge to retain but I am feeling it as a blessing to others as they can more frequently see you with knowledgeable issues and postings.
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    Congratulations! The enjoyment always lies in the challenge. Meet it head on and take pride in doing so. Wish you luck in reaching Platinum status.
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    Congrats sir for going in to the league of diamond members and I can understand your elated feelings. Now target for the platinum which is 40,000 points away and you can achieve it.
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    Congrats in your reaching Diamond level.
    Now that you have taken relief from your earlier responsibilities,you can be able to give more time to ISC . So you can move up the level and reach platinum also.
    Regards and Best wishes

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    Thanks to all for the good words and wishes extended. I am at present with my son at Bangalore, just two weeks off from Kochi. This is a change I wanted after quitting the Bank.
    Thanks to all once again. I hope I can spend more time for ISC.


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    Congratulations Sankaran Sir on getting the Diamond shield. Wish you good luck in reaching Platinum level.
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