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    How would you describe a good human being

    We often say that he/she is/was a good human being. What do we actually mean when we refer the word "good human being"?

    We may have our own opinion or parameters to judge someone as a "good human being" as per our own experience with that particular person. Is it enough? What are the true characters one should have to call oneself with this "title"?

    What is your take on this?
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    A good human being should respect all other individuals in the way he expects others to respect him. He should have sympathy for the people who are in a bad condition and he should try to help them to the maximum extent possible. He should follow all the laws of the land with the utmost respect for them. He should never think bad about others and you should have a soft corner for the others.
    He should have moral values and ethical concepts. He should respect the environment and always should see that it will be protected with utmost care. For him, animals and trees are also like human beings and he should see that they will be protected.

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    In a one line definition, I am of the opinion that "what we inclined to do to others should be equivalent with what we are expecting from others for ourselves", & so being a good human being is more or less depending upon how far we gotten with the understanding within ourselves. The better the understanding with others, the better the human being we are.

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