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    Introducing short task and Pay-Per-Task in IndiaStudyChannel

    I am coming up with a suggestion to implement Short Task or Pay-Per-Task section in ISC.

    I personally tried Fivver. Their payment options are available in PayPal only. This makes it difficult for Indian residents to add cash from your Bank account to your PayPal account to make payments. People who don't have credit cards and GST no are unable to make orders and payments. If you want to hire a web designer, developers, writers, and freelancers, we need US mode payments.

    There are many highly talented professionals who work full time online be it a blogger, webmaster, developers etc. I am requesting the concerned department to add a Pay-Per-Task section here in ISC so that interested members and talented members can contribute. People like me can also orde order services like "Need a logo designer" with budget Ruppees 200 etc.

    What do you think members? Have you got anything to say about this implementation?

    Any comments are appreciated.
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    Good suggestion from the author and many of our members are talented in different ways and their services can be utilized with a pay per task rider. Over to webmaster Tony for action.
    K Mohan
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    The title would be better as a 'Suggestion to introduce', rather than 'Introducing short task'.

    This would bring in a commercial angle to this educational site. At the outset, it sounds like we do a job, the client pays for it via ISC. The way I look at it is, the services are too vast, when someone pay's for the service, then there would be an open door for complaints and dissatisfaction with the service provided. It would need more manpower to be managed, needs strict regulation and monitoring. How to allocate the job, there would be more that one person who can do the same work. For instance, designing a logo, if there are 4 members who can do it, who gets the task, who doesn't get it.

    Would all this be worth for the money earned? Lastly, ISC also would need to have a share for offering its platform for the clients to request the service and the members to provide the service.

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    The proposal may not be a cup of tea for this channel I feel. The purpose of this site is to earn and next comes the earning part. But the proposal is purely a method for earning by the people. May not be liked by the webmaster and other concerned authorities of this site. However, the proposal is nowhere and let them see and come out with their ideas and views.
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    I am just suggesting an alternative to Fivver. It should be posted like, "I will design a logo at 100 Rupees", etc. It can be easily done. Take an instance of Fivver and other paid to post forum sites. Even reputable forum sites introduce Pay Per task option for users to earn additional income. I am not suggesting for surveys, download and earn. This is just a suggestion if its possible, ISC can add Pay-per-task section.

    @Natarajan, please refer to Fivver website or app to clear your doubts.

    @Shrinivasa, ISC is helping millions of students and candidates in School and job section. They are helping many people from India. Why not implement this additional features. This will certainly boost traffic, and attract more freelancer to get the job done.

    If I were here just to earn part-time or full-time, I would have earned 5k minimum in 5 years. But it's an education website that only offers resources. How about this features to help more freelancer.

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    I can't agree to this proposal. I think the proposed activity would totally change the nature of the Website. Let's see what other Members think about this.
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    By the way the reputation or the importance of this site would increase if it follows the suggestion of the author. The motto of our site is to learn and earn. While the learned members of varied nature are abundant in this site, let that knowledge be turned in to a earning potential. Only small tasks can be considered and the amount offered also may be small and that should be routed through the ISC payment mode. I think ISC is more transparent in the payments and even this task can be carried with ease. Those who cannot earn with writing , can at least earn with their skills they possess in other way.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with Sir Mohan.

    Not all people have strong skills in writing contents. I am suggesting Fivver alternative because it doesn't support Indian payments mode. You can get paid from there but can order or request products and services since you will need to pay them via Pay Pal. It it supports and if there's an alternative way to sort out this issue then I would have never suggested or request such a stupid question in here.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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