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    There is another instance to feel proud of & to learn!

    The Japan is no more in The FIFA World Cup 2018 after their loss to Belgium but in spite of this loss they are remembered again for their attitude. Despite a heat-breaking loss to Belgium, Not only the footballers but their fans were also pictured cleaning the stands after the game. The players have left a thank you note in dressing room. This thank you note was written in Russia language as, "Spasibo" (Thank you). This is not the first time that the fans have earned praise for their gestures during the World Cup. They did the same after their match against Colombia earlier at Russia 2018, and the videos and images of their selfless gesture earned praise even then too.

    How this can be compared with us in our country?
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    Wow what a gesture. Normally fans get irritated for the bad performance against the opponents and vent their ire. But here they portrayed the coolness and stayed calm. Yes we have to learn from them.
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    Definitely we have a lot to learn. This was a moment of national grief for the Japanese when they lost to Belgium 2-3, even after taking the lead. Even at this moment, the players and supporters did not forget their duty. This is one of the qualities which has made Japan a great nation.
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    It is very nice to know. The attitude speaks of the maturity levels these people had. Really a wonderful gesture by the players as well as the fans. It is very encouraging to note that they expressed thanks in the language of the hosts. When an important person talks two or three words in the local language of the area where he is campaigning even though he is new to that language the people attended the meeting will get excited. The same is the feelings the Russians will get when they see the gesture of the players and their fans. This is the real sportive spirit exhibited by the Japanese. Really they are very praiseworthy and I feel proud of them.
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