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    How many mobile phones did you buy or use till date

    Yesterday while dipping inside some old scrap items we found an old mobile phone. It was a very small Motorola handset. We remembered that we had paid only five hundred rupees then in an exhibition. This triggered a thought in us as to how many mobile phones we had bought and used till now.

    At last we arrived at the answer. Eighteen mobile phones in the last eighteen years among three of us. It was a slow graduation from a very basic call-SMS facility to the 4G VoLTeThe first one was a very thick and heavy Ericson similar to a walkie-talky used by the police. Then one Trium with an expendable antenna. Like that Motorola, Micromax,Karbonn, with a couple of Chinese handsets like Lephone etc etc and now have reached the 4G VoLTE .

    One of the sets was lost,a couple of them damaged by umpteen falls and fall in water. Otherwise most of the handsets were satisfactorily used for around or more than three years.

    Just recall your experiences with mobile phones and post it here.
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    I was using mobile from 2002 and I have so far used about 25 mobiles. Sometimes I used to change it every six months also. But I used to give the old one in our office and they will replace it with a new one. The used one may be used by some junior staff in the office. My first phone is Nokia and later on, I used different company phones. I used an iPhone for about a year. Presently I am using an android phone only.
    Now the changing of a cellphone is very frequent these days. Another encouraging fact is the old pieces will be offered at a price if we take the new in the exchange program.

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    Interesting to recall of all the mobile phone but not so much in my account. My first purchase was of Nokia which got stolen then again I went for the same brand but later on gifted to one of my close ones. After this I purchased of Sony Ericsson brand, which although with simple & limited function gadget but couldn't last longer. After this I went for HTC but this time too I was unlucky & the same was stolen. The next purchase of ASUS brand, although it was a costlier but still had a battery problem & due to the fact that battery couldn't be found so I had to dump that. Now I am using the SONY mobile & is doing good with it.

    Looking at the above para, I am not able to believe the fact about how much I have spent for this instrument by now but sometimes we are helpless & not able to find the alternative other than the replacement.

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    May be five or six, as I go on changing the brand and the over usage of the same, the mobiles are either discarded or given to others who need them the most.
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    I am using mobile since 2002 and I have so far used about 11 mobiles. Now i am using redmi-4.
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    As I am not addicted to the mobile phone and I don't keep it in my pocket or beside me, I have not used more than five mobile phones since 2002. I find Nokia sets most reliable, although presently I am using a Micromax which is giving lots of trouble. But I still remember my first mobile phone which was a Motorola phone and resembled a walkie-talkie with an antenna. I lost it during the marriage of my sister in April, 2003. That is the only phone I have lost so far.
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    I am using mobile phones from 2005 onward. In my life I have bought only two mobile phones, one is a feature phone and another is a Smart phone. I am still using both these phones. Before that I used to have a mobile phone which was given to me by my brother after he upgraded his phone to a new one. So, in total I have used only 3 mobile phones in the past 13 years. Thank God, I am not creating much e-waste. I never compare my mobile phone with others.

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    I have been using mobiles since 1997. My first phone was Smasung's S5. My strategy has always been to buy a medium range, new phone, use it till it functions properly. If the battery starts troubling, I replace the battery with a genuine one. I keep on deleting unwanted material in my phone to keep the maximum memory space free on a daily basis. It optimizes the speed of the phone. The moment my phone starts hanging or gets slow, I go for a new phone. Normally, I use a handset for around 3-4 years. So, in the last 20 odd years since I bought my first phone, I must have bought 6-7 handsets.

    I prefer Samsung's phones for their good user interface. I have tried other models in between, like Nokia, Sony, Mi. I never liked their UI (user interface), so disposed them off quickly. I am not counting those handsets.

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    I find from the above responses that the average life span of a handset when used regularly is about 3 to 4 years. I am also coming in that category user. As Gypsy mentioned, I also try to stretch use of my handsets by keeping" on deleting unwanted material in my phone to keep the maximum memory space free on a daily basis." I also install very minimum apps.

    I appreciate Bhuvan who has bought or used only 3 mobile phones during last thirteen years. That is quite economical.

    I have till now gone after the utility factor and not bought any phone for its popularity or looks.

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    I have used around 20 plus mobile phones. I bought my first mobile back in 2009 when I was 14 years. The first mobile I used was a Nokia 3110 classic version.

    After the launch of new Chines phones, I frequent brought one or two in five years. After the launch of Android, I brought Gionee, iPhone 4, Micromax, and Redmi. Now, If I get enough money from Cube TV, then I might be able to exchange iPhone X soon.

    I don't like exchanging phones now and then. Now I am stuck with Redmi and wanted badly to try the iPhone X. If I get that phone it will be a total of 21 phones brought and used till date.

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    A very interesting thread reminding me how extravagant we are and how the new technology of 'use and throw' doctrine is forcing us to change our gadgets frequently and out of this process, the big companies are minting money.

    Anyway, I do not remember how many I have used and replaced but the number will be around 15 including what I am using currently.

    Interesting thing is within one or two years we feel that our phone is old and requires replacement. It may be the trend today.

    When I was studying in high school my father told that he would give me a wristwatch if I obtained a first division in the exam. As I was awarded first division I got a wristwatch which required sometimes servicing only and it worked nicely for 10-15 years! I never needed to replace it. It was manual type (no battery) but required a manual rotating of the small knob a few times each day.

    Times have changed, trends are set and affordability increased and with all this we have started replacing the gadgets frequently.

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    I am using Mobile phone since 1997 and at that time Motorola was the main mobile company. It looked like walkie Talkie. Of course it was provided by my company when I transfered in Kolkata. Just 200 km away at my hometown that mobile do not work because of no network.

    Gypsy has said he using mobile phone since 1997 and the first mobile was samsung i am not sure if his information is correct. As far as I know Samsung has lanched mobile phone in India in 2004 and S5 came very late in india. If he has got it from abroad then also I am not sure if Samsung has the network in India late in 1997.

    Let me come to the thread. I bought first mobile was Nokia in 2006 with camera I didn't know what model it was. Since then I have bpught so many I didn't count. But since 2012 I am stick to Samsung. I am also the person who buy mid range mobile and not expensive one. Currently I am using Samsung J5 which i had just bought.

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    This is my ninth mobile phone till now. I remember my first mobile phone which was Nokia 1100 in the year 2007. Now, I am using Samsung J7 which is a very good mobile phone as per my work is concerned. I generally like to be online every time so I need a good mobile phone which does not hang and I can say that my present phone fulfils my needs.
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    @ #641610 ;"I am using Mobile phone since 1997."

    Do you remember the call charges then, for incoming as well as outgoing? I do not exactly remember that now.
    @#641613: My son is also using Samsung J7 and he finds it good for his needs.

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    Well, Venkiteswaran, before me one more member has said he is using mobile since 1997 but you forgot to ask this question to him. However, let me tell you. It was expensive both outgoing and incoming and obviously, I can't afford to have a mobile at that time. It was provided by my company and the monthly bill used to pay by account people where the bill used to come. But yes, if i am not wrong it was Rs.10-12 was outgoing and Rs 8-10 was incoming. There were no SMS facility available then.

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    I stand by my words that I bought a Samsung S5 in 1997. It was a second-hand phone and the only second-hand phone I have bought ever. I remember it clearly since it was my first phone. I do not think Samsung launched its first phone in 2004 or 2005 in India. I f I am not wrong Reliance Infocom launched its services in 2002 and they gave Samsung's phones free with the plan Dhirubhai Ambani Pioneer Scheme (it costed around Rs 21000 at that time.) The outgoing call charges in 1997 were Rs 2.8 per 10 seconds or 16.8 per minute. I do not remember the incoming call rate but even it was pretty high.
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    As far as I know the first mobile company which came in India was Motorola then came Nokia. Sony and samsung came later but definetly not in 1997.

    Its not about I am wrong or other but its about correct information. I will get back to this subject later as now I am not in condition to go through the history of Samsung.

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    I am back after searching the history of Samsung. I didn't get any information about Samsung available in India in 1997. The S5 model you are talking about might be an old handset, that too I am not able to find any detail. The only S5 Samsung phone details I got which are Galaxy S5 and that launched in 2014 in India.

    The first two mobile phone in India, I got are Motorola and Nokia. Nokia 1100 model in 2003 was a big hit worldwide. Samsung was famous for TV before much later it came to India with mobile phones. Yes, in 2002 it came with Reliance when they launched with the tagline "Kar lo Duniya Mutthi me". Before that, I have not got any record of Samsung availability in India.

    No offence intended on you or your response for countering your argument. However, we should provide the true information and this why I took 2-3 days time before posting this response.

    The year 1997 is just the initial days of Mobile phones in India. The network was available only for Metro and major cities. Small cities were not having the network and that is why even if I carry my Mobile phone in my hometown, it used to be a useless device.

    If you have any solid proof, you are welcome to provide it here. I have also posted a question in ask expert for this subject so that we should get the clear pieces of information and not just a guessing work.

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    Launching a product in India & manufacturing a product in India are two different things. In 90s there used to be another option - getting foreign made things in India in grey market.

    I clearly said that I bought a second hand phone. I did not buy it from a Samsung outlet or any other outlet. Someone might have bought the phone in some foreign country, brought the phone to India and sold it after using for sometime, like VCRs & VCPs were sold at that time.

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    Thanks for the response that I got some more knowledge about Samsung Mobile. In my response no#641610, I have already mentioned getting the phones from abroad. However, since you have not denied about the Model S5, I have to assume that you are talking about Galaxy S5 and that you think have got it from abroad via a third person.

    Even if we have to believe your words, the Samsung Mobile developed its first CDMA mobile phone in 1996 and the model number was SCH-100 and GSM phones in 1998 and the model number was SGH-200. Touchscreen phones were still a long distance dream during that era. The Galaxy S5 mobile phone was launched in February 2014 in Spain.

    Yeah, It may be different if the touchscreen phone was available on another planet and that was forgotten by an Alien on earth and that phone S5 you got from a third person. This theory can be believed because the S5 model was not available in any part of the world in 1997.

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    My first mobile phone was a hand-me-down from my brother – he had just left it behind when migrating to the US. It was a bulky instrument with an antenna – it resembled my cordless phone. This was in 1996, I do not recall using it, ever. The cost of the calls was a major deterrent.

    My second mobile handset was a Nokia (I do not recall the model), but this too had an antenna, albeit a smaller one. It was not as bulky as the first handset that was given to me. Reliance was the service provider and it had a scheme wherein it offered unlimited calls between two numbers, at a fixed price. This was sometime in 2005-06.

    Since then I have owned many instruments, including Motorola, Sony, Samsung, HTC and iPhone, a few of them were my daughter's cast-offs.

    Gypsy's response is baffling. Samsung's first mobile phone was manufactured in 1988 – a year after he started using the company's phone, and it wasn't an S5.

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    A lot of interesting facts about the history of Samsung phones have come out here! I checked the Samsung site itself and over there it is mentioned that the company developed the first mobile handset in 1991 and the first mobile phone system the next year [reference:]

    Further research brought out the information that Samsung did have wireless phones in 1995, although of what type of wireless phones is not very clear.

    It is quite possible, therefore, that there were Samsung phones in the grey market in India in those years.

    I also came across the fact that Siemens had also brought out phones in the 'S' series, such as S4, S10, S25 and the S10 was released in 1988. So if it was not a Samsung, perhaps Gypsy is referring to a Siemens phone model that, maybe, was brought out in 1997?

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    One more fact: Apparently Samsung made a cell phone for use in a car in 1985, but it was not of good quality. This model was the Samsung SC-1000.
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    That is a lot of research Vandana. However, there does not seem to be a Siemens S5.

    In #641651 he reiterates that he stands by his words, that he bought a Samsung S5 in 1977. We can only make wild guesses - the mystery can be solved by Gypsy alone.

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    Why the thread is being derailed by senior members?

    Maybe I am mistaken about the brand and model of my first phone . It could be Siemens S4. It was 21 years back when I bought my first phone. It is a long time. If Juana cannot remember when I bought my first phone, mentioned in this thread, (she has been referring to the date as 1988 in her response # 64201413 and then 1977 in 64205413 ), cannot I be mistaken about the make & model of the phone which I bought 21 years back?

    Now, that I stand corrected, can we get this thread back on its track?

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    Those are typos Gypsy and thank you for pointing them out. I had used the phone to type my responses.

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    I never hide my mistakes behind typos. I own them up. Referring to - if it takes others to correct you - I do not want to further derail this thread. So, this is my last response in this thread. Maybe someday, I will take up the sentence in question in some other thread.


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