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    How do you feel when your Forum post/article is deleted?

    At the outset, I must clearly state that it is not a criticism of the Editors of ISC. It is a peculiar curiosity on my part. I am trying to express my genuine feeling. As I write my posts on contemporary issues after lots of reading, I am pained when my posts get deleted. Earlier I used to be very angry whenever my Forum posts were deleted, but of late I have developed a stoic attitude and now I almost take it as a normal phenomenon. But if my creative writings are deleted, even now I get terribly angry.

    On the other hand, writing articles on my part is a very tough task because I am a bone-lazy person. To write a 600-words article takes three hours, excluding the time for collecting materials. So, even now, I feel terribly angry when any of my articles gets deleted. But I must admit that the rejection rate of my articles is much less than the rejection rate of my Forum posts.

    Members! How do you feel when your Forum posts or articles are rejected? Do you feel like me?
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    I feel as if I have failed in my exam if a forum post or an article is rejected. Generally, my contributions are more in the forum section and AskExpert section. The deletions or rejections of my posts in this sections are not very high I feel. But when one is deleted I will look into the reason. I will console myself and forget about the same. Coming to the resources my contributions are very less and so far only one or two only were rejected. So I have not taken that very seriously.
    I send my subject papers for publication to various scientific journals. Sometimes they may come for a review but so far none of my communications was rejected by any journal. I have published in many International journals which are being treated as the number one journal in that particular field. That gives me a very good satisfaction and I feel I am lucky in that aspect.

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    In ISC probably I am the person who has used the rights of posting forum threads in maximum and I still enjoy to do so. When I raise a particular thread, I think it is useful, having some information and having scope for discussion. And I have the habit to raise the post early in the morning. The thread thus posted some times wont attract single response probably the other threads get it pushed to back pages. And now by the time editors come on line, they feel that my unattended thread is the waste as it has not attracted a single response. Hence they delete for one reason or the other.I feel really dejected and annoyed when my threads gets deleted for no reason. By the way raising a thread is not that easy. If the editors feel that the thread is no required, they may reduce points, but let the thread be visible for others to at least read.
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    I don't care much if my thread gets deleted. I feel a bit if my response gets deleted because I never comment just for the sake. I only respond when I genuinely feel I'm able to add something. So when someone denies my ability to add, its natural that I feel a sense of disgust. But it's entirely different when it comes to articles. I painstakingly put all my research and all my facts into carving an article/listicle, showcasing the weirdest reptile tongues. And there is no other article in the world about it. So it was one of its kind. But it was rejected by editors for poor quality.
    I felt dejected for few moments but then I was ok. I will repost the same once again but with better grammar structure. So, there is also a sense of freedom when an article gets rejected because articles take a ton of time to be approved. And in that journey of approval it is sent back and forth for editing.
    So the worst I could possibly feel is when my forum/Ask Experts response is deleted.
    And thank goodness those accounts are very very rare and almost none in my measly ISC experience.

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    This thread reminds me of the Australian bush pilots around world war II. These were daring men who's skill was second to none. The older version of the Australian air force was the second after the Royal Airforce of Britain. But many of the reckless daring pilots had to be 're-trained' the RAF way to ensure safety and success. The rest is history, by the time world war II end and the few wars after that, the Australian air force grew in leaps and bounds.

    To me, our creative skills have unbridled freedom, if we have our own website or blog site. But when are in a common site (be it ISC or any other site), we have to exhibit our creative skills within the boundaries of the regulations. Over time we would do this successfully or move to another site.

    So, the answer would be yes a little damper if a beautiful piece does not get approval or cc points but it passes off by time.

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    Please, Partha, you've been raising similar threads a couple of times. It happens to all of us. In my opinion, the deleted thread is better than zero responses. I don't feel a pinch if my threads get deleted. But, I only feel pain if my threads fetch no responses.

    It has become a normal thing in ISC. Deleted responses, zero points, and deleted threads. Editors consider deleted threads as crap threads and that's the reason why responses and threads get deleted.

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    Is it so, Mr. John? Kindly provide the titles of two or three of such Forum posts for my own convenience. I thought that this post is a survey post on my part.
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    Initially I felt sad but now it doesn't matter to me anymore. This is simply because we can't do anything else other than to accept it & go ahead with the other topics.

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    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    I feel that authority people try to show that " look I am the Boss here, and you are second to me."

    I doubt if every deleted thread or post comes under the guidlines violation. Sometime to hide the face and the truth, post get deleted.

    Whether we are in our own site or blog or in ISC, misusing power is somethig which should condemn instead of providing the benifit of doubt to the admin.

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    I fully agree with the response #641615 and considering it as the best answer.

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    I have an observation that the editors are already busy in their editing jobs. We are writing a few threads or articles or things like that but they have to check everything from mediocre posts to height of creativity things as there are so many experienced and proficient writers here in this forum.

    So, if a particular post or entry is locked or deleted there must be some strong reason for it. These reasons are best known to the editors and must be in line with the site policies and guidelines.

    Now if a person insists and asks why a particular submission is locked or deleted, editors may also explain it clearly and precisely.

    I also guess that an editor will take much time in rejecting or locking rather approving it and why he will be going to give more time to a submission unnecessarily is beyond my understanding.

    When I was doing my graduation in 1970, I wrote an article for the prestigious hindi magazine 'Navneet' and sent it alonwith a self addressed stamped envelope. In a few months it was returned with editing by the editor and he had written his remarks at many places with a sharp pencil. He must have taken a lot of time in those observations. Why he took so much time in correcting instead of simply approving it and publishing? That time we were writing by hands on thin white papers on one side only. It was a difficult task for the editor to read it and decide it's fate.

    Anyway do not count your locked or deleted submissions, just go on submitting the better ones.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. Partha, as an author of this thread you have the authority to select a best nswer . Don't do it again, If you are not sure of the best aswer you must wait for it. This is just insulting that at a time you select my answer as best and next you remove it and select other post as best answer.

    I never said or asked to select my post as best answer so please think before you do it again.

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    Sincere thanks! Mr. Jeet Singh for pointing out, In actuality, I wanted to put both your answer and Mr. Umesh' answer as the best responses. But, your answer has been inadvertently unselected. Sincere thanks for pointing it out.
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