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    Wild imagination: If the currency notes rains on you, how much do you collect ?

    In one of the Tamil Cinema in which Rajnikanth is the starer, catch hold of black money hooligan and confiscates all his money and then from the helicopter he rains the currency notes on the ground much to the enjoyment of the crowds who try to snatch and collect maximum currencies. Now coming to the point. If that happens really in front of you, how do you react. What would be your plan to collect. Will you grab what ever available to you, or even take some for your near and dear ones , or simply wont reveal the money got as a wind fall. This may not happen, but a wild imagination to which members can respond creatively.
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    I have a doubt. If you clarify that I can tell you how much money I can gather if the money rains. Is the money collected taxable? If so how to declare? Is it to be shown as income or gift or lottery or capital gains? By adding this money if we go to the next bracket of tax percentage is it worthwhile to collect the money that is pouring? If we are not declaring the money collected will be still a black money only. So how the hero can say he has raided and captured black money. It is still now also is a black money. So based on the answers to these questions we have to decide to collect or not?
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    I've heard of fishes raining down or even frog's raining down but money raining, only in the movies and fiction.
    I would just collect as much as I can, keep part of it, donate part of it ( it'll make me feel good). But one should just check whether it's a trick played on unsuspecting people, while some TV anchor is filming this for the fun section and laughing at your or my expense.

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    If I witness this then the first thing I would do is to take a leave from the office & go on collecting the money as much as possible. I would feel as I never had a food in my stomach & even since many of my past life so as to get the maximum possible share from others then at the end of the day I will count the money collection with the day's effort & not giving this to anyone else.

    In addition, I will take a note of the environment all along & throughout waiting for the another opportunity & will go for more efforts to collect more money than what I has collected the last time. Taking a precaution, I would start carrying a jumbo bag with me which will also get flexible when required. But I do feel that it's time for me to wakeup from this dream & begin looking for interviews if any.

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    This may appear as a wild imagination but is very interesting.

    I remember a story by Leo Tolstoy - How much land does a man require? I read it long back but it is still fresh in my mind.

    A person was given freedom to have as much land as possible by running around it and covering it in a closed shape by reaching the starting point before sunset. He could not reach back to the starting point and instead in his greed lost his life on the way.

    So the question how much one will be able to collect in that situation seems to be a fearful proposition. A good citizen will simply report it to the authorities and return to his house for a refreshing cup of tea.

    Knowledge is power.

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