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    By creating a Brahmin Development Board in Karnataka, are they not towing communal way ?

    The Karnataka government was formed with forced alliances between JDs and Congress to willfully keep BJP out of power. And in every election meeting, the BJP was dubbed as the communal party and it has been portrayed in Public that the JDs and Congress were the custodian of secular credentials. And now the Karnataka government has set up a Brahmin Development Board which is surely against their secular interest. Are they not taking communal way then why should they blame BJP for talking in favor of Hindus and brahmins ?
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    No, attempting to divide Hindus on the basis of caste is a progressive, liberal and secular thing. The rulers feel that the Constitution has approved it (but the specific section is not known). On the other hand consolidation of minorities is the liberal thing which again the Constitution allows. The difference in treatment is as per the Constitution, according to the progressive lobby.
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    No, I won't agree with the author. poor Brahmins are there across South India. It is a very good move by Kumaraswamy. In Sanskrit, I formed a quotation
    "Yatra sath viprasya pujayante ramanthe thatra Devata Pujaythe". Wherever a good brahmin gets respect and treated well there the god will get worshipped and also get respected wherever they are.

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    That is the game plan of the government to bring Brahmins also to their side and make them away from BJP. There are separate corporations for many castes. Why only one community has attracted the author of the thread I don't know. Even in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also such commissions for Brahmins were created. Why only Karnataka state commission only attracted the author. In AP and Telangana also there are many development corporations based on the castes. The state governments here also are trying to get of Hindus by giving some money to the corporations formed by the name of the castes. For other religions, there are corporations by the name of religions.
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    If in any way the policies are formulated in order to provide benefits to any specific sections of the society then for sure this is an appeasement policy & this also raise an issues for the other sections of the society which devoid of this attention.

    This simply shows the bias attitude of the policy makers towards other weaker sections.

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    The previous congress government created several boards. This time the new CM has promised to help the Brahmin community (around 3%-4% of Karnataka's population). He has kept his promise with the intention to help the poor among this community. If you look at it purely for caste/minority based help, why not create a welfare board or a development board for a group that accounts for only around 3-4 % of the entire State's population. With regards to appeasement policy, what will the JD(S) do with appeasing just a minuscule slice of the vote bank ?

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    Political parties are more concerned about the votes that they get during the future elections. For that they find out some ways in the form of introducing new policies. If any special attention in the society is needed it must be based on economic conditions of the people. Introducing these caste based reformations will only help continuing caste system. That is what is established by the existing reservation policy.

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    There was a time when brahmins were treated as the most knowledgeable and respected class in society. It was there for quite some time.

    Unfortunately, with time the situation changed and the so called backward classes were uplifted with reservation policy of the Govt.

    So far so good but when reservation policies were extended beyond their intended tenures they started to show their political colour and all the politicians started to take mileage out of that.

    Today instead of closing that chapter for good and bringing parity in the society as the caste and creed have practically become a thing of past ( though politically still active), we are going to unite the brahmins for their rights.

    It looks ridiculous that political parties instead of going for a national consensus for abolision of any type of caste reservation, are going for some unknown new thing for brahmins.

    Unfortunately our priorities are in destructive directions and the general public is a silent spectator to all this laughing stock.

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