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    What matters most is to be a good citizen.

    In any country whenever a Govt is formed it has a herculean task ahead to bring improvement and good governance in the system. Sometimes it is successful in this endeavour and many times it fails miserably only to pave a way for a new Govt.

    So, Govts will come and Govts will go. During that time the contribution of the citizens is also very important. A good Govt can be highly successful with cooperation from a lot of good citizens who are respecting the law of the land and caring for the public property as their own.

    These citizens are serious about following the traffic rules, observing cleanliness in public places, helping seniors and children wherever required and many positive things like that.

    I believe that a country having such good citizens can progress far rapidly and make a place in the world in the list of developed countries.

    The approach may appear as a bit utopian but with the positive cooperation from citizens it can happen.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    An excellent and thought-provoking thread by Mr. Umesh. The country is what the citizens want. So, citizens, not the politicians change the country. It has been observed by all that Indians are individually great but collectively miserable. So, I think Indians must change the attitude, work collectively and before criticizing others, stop doing the same thing. For example, before criticizing others who spit on the road, we must ensure that none of our family-members or relatives do this. If we criticize others for throwing the left-overs on the road, we must ensure that none of our children throws even a small plastic cover on the road.

    So, we must practise before we preach. And we must try to work collectively. These two activities will definitely make us good citizens of India.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The best combination in any country would be a good governance Govt as well as the good citizens. Both are required for the progress and development. The role of citizens is also very important as small things can be settled at community levels by the senior and experienced persons.

    It is really unfortunate that we are not brought up in an environment of doing creative and positive contributions to our society and the nation. We are simply copying what we are seeing around and many bad traits and habits are being picked in this way.

    There is no doubt that good citizens can definitely make a society flourishing and developing.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The government can come up with the policies but in the operational level this would become impossible to monitor each of the individuals. In one of the examples wherein the law has come with a note that anyone below the age of eighteen is not filling up the criteria for driving but still these are evident anytime & anywhere & even the law enforcement agencies like the police are finding themselves incapable of controlling these. These are absolutely not permissible from the law but even the household allow their children not mature enough to go with the driving seat.

    Recently, during the Football World Cup, the Japanese Football team as well as the Japanese citizens set an example wherein they were found to have cleaned their rooms before leaving but sadly we don't expect ourselves up to that level.

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    For the country a good citizen means, a honest tax payer, without concealing any thing about the extra income or the other sources of income. A honest citizen is those who pay the utilities bills through which the government gets the revenue through taxes. Those who own the house, and open plots , they are bound to pay the house tax or the property tax annually without even asking to do. And the good citizens are those who come out of their house and cast their votes. Because voting is the right of every citizen and that must be cast to choose the right candidate. These are the expectations of a government from a good citizen.
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