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    The Gowliguda bus stand of Hyderabad collapsed.

    Mississippi aircraft hangar was imported from the Butler Manufacturing Company, USA, in the 1930s to make this very famous landmark of Hyderabad. Mir Osman Ali Khan, The seventh Nizam, used it for his fleet of public transport buses. The huge aircraft hangar was brought by sea, transported to Hyderabad and reassembled at Gowliguda. One more similar one was also imported and used for Begumpet airport in Hyderabad.
    After constructing the new bus stand the ruling parties neglected this monument which served the people for more than 80 years. It was not maintained properly for the last few years. The hangar has been in a rundown condition for the last few years. It has collapsed two days before. Luckily no one injured as at that time nobody was there in that area.
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    Glad that no one was injured. Surprised that no one was present in such a large premises.The structure is not very old when we think about 1930, probably the state of neglect and poor maintainence would have triggered the collapse

    There are many such landmarks that speaks of the heritage and nostalagia of the city. Sadly most of them do not catch the eyes of the authorities to be restored or maintained in its old glory.

    Restoration of such places need lot of money and only way to get things done is to have a strong citizen heritage group that can fight for the upkeep of such landmarks of a bygone era.

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    One week back I saw the compound wall raised at the entrance to prevent any bus or the passengers to enter and within few days the hanger gave down and it collapsed. It was a mammoth structure resembling like a aircraft hanger. The maintenance has become big task as the height was big and being tin sheet covering, the holes have developed and when heavy rains occur, the entire interior used to be flooded with rain water seeping through the holes of the big sheet as cover. Nevertheless TRS government shall bring out better than this old bus stop and we shall wait for the same.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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