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    The pain of being a poor pedestrian

    In big cities and towns in India with the increasing traffic pedestrians on the road are always on the mercy of the vehicle drivers to allow them to walk safely or cross the road. It is a common sight to see pedestrians waving their hands to vehicle owners to slow down and allow them to cross the road. Sometimes we see women or senior citizens with kids holding both their hands struggling to cross the road and repeatedly making the unsuccessful attempts to cross the road by moving forward and then again going back.

    Vehicle owners have become the king on the roads and they are always in a hurry. Are they really so busy? They hate to slow down or stop for pedestrians. Sometimes it seems they are testing the brakes of their vehicles as they only stop suddenly as the last resort when they feel it is mandatory and if they do not, they may hit the pedestrians.
    Footpaths were supposed to be a heaven for the pedestrians on the congested roads but nowadays footpaths have also been invaded by the two wheelers and four wheelers. It has become a nightmare for people to even walk safely at one side of the road.

    Don't the pedestrians deserve equal rights on the road? It is high time when vehicle owners start respecting pedestrians and give them their part of the right to use the road.
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    A very good post and especially in Hyderabad we cannot cross a road at the peak business hours. Daily we do have this problem of crossing the road. I think Zebra crossing or pedestrian crossing should be there each and every half kilometer. But the zebra crossing paint gets erased due to pollution or by rain. We can have an alternative solution for that like having light stripes and road lights.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    A thoughtful post. The simplest reason is there are too many vehicles on too narrow roads with too many people. We have an excess of pedestrians and vehicles with the functional area of the roads and footpaths shrinking regularly. What is the need of the hour is to not respect but just simple maturity and Civic sense that will enable both the road users to do it safely. The pedestrians have to be aware of the signals, crossing rules and avoid 'jay-walking' or darting in and out across roads.
    Similarly, we need the vehicle users to have much more responsibility while using the roads, common sense should make them slow down or stop at school zones, peak times when schools start and close, I feel sorry for the parents and children struggling to cross the roads so that they can reach school on time. If we just manage to drop the 'hurry' we are in the mornings and evenings and when setting out we can automatically drop the speed of the vehicles. Awareness education and upgrading infrastructure would help a lot.

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    I concur with thread as I am one poor pedestrian suffering about how to cross the road.
    You may not believe me but it is true, a couple of times I had hired an autorikshaw to get me across a busy road.
    In my place now, I do not visit certain areas because I cannot cross the road as I am scared to jump and run like others. So I take a long detour to cross at a junction where there is a traffic policeman and crossing is relatively safer and then take a return by the other side of the road.
    Very recently the traffic people have fenced the road and crossing has become still more difficult.

    I have now felt convinced that road is only for the vehicles.

    So much so that I lament in Malayalam parodying an old Malayalam film song
    " Paambukalkku Maalmundu, Paravakalkku Aakaashamundu...Manushya puthranu nadannu pokuvanroadilidamilla..."

    (Snakes have their burrows, birds have the skies...but poor humans(pedestrians) do not have any place on the roads".

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    A thought provoking thread. The pedestrian has become the most vulnerable person and anytime there can be an accident.

    I have seen in some small towns there is no footpath on the sides of road due to encroachment and the poor pedestrian has no other option than to walk on the road. The people going for walk have to go to far away parks and open spaces to avoid the hassles of the speedily plying vehicles.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Good concerns from the author but at the same time seem less possible & therefore the pedestrian needs to take care of themselves by following the proper traffic rules. There is under passage as well as the over bridge facilities which we can use for crossing the roads & in case of over speeding & rash driving then wait & have patience.

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    This is a real problem. In many places, especially in cities, this problem is very high. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes to cross the road. The traffic will be increasing every day and roads will be shrinking every day as the roadside shops and moving shops are increasing. There will be no chance for the people who go on foot to walk on the footpaths and if they come on to the road, they don't which vehicle will come and hit them. Sometimes the two-wheelers to avoid traffic on the road will go on the footpaths. No police will object. These people who go on these vehicles will never realise the difficulty they are giving to the walking people. Ultimately the suffers are pedestrians. The drivers should think about these people and also should have a concern for the people who go on foot in these places. Traffic sense should be there to all the citizens. Then only these problems will get reduced.
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    I am also a motorist and I give full importance and prominence to the pedestrians. In Hyderabad there are some big roads to which the traffic inflow from the both sides is continuous and whooping. There is a pelican signal which is installed at every Zebra crossing which is for the pedestrians to use to cross from this side or the vice versa. What I am watching invariably that even the 30 seconds time given for the pedestrians to cross was taken over by the four wheeler and they try to zoom past much to the fear of pedestrians. What I suggest that there must be heavy fine on motorists who fail to honor the pedestrians.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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