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    The 24*7 days sale these times!

    Have you observed that earlier it used to be the two times sale in a year but now we can see this happening 24*7 days in a year? The one sale was during the beginning of a year or by 26th of January & another one was during the end of year or while Christmas days.

    If we go to the market then we can be evident of the hoardings listing the discounts as well as the other offers on various items but more specifically on the clothing & on the mobile phones. The vendors have listed their items on sale which is after discount & even on EMI.

    So do we believe that this has brought to the customer's delight?
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    I don't think any businessman will cut into his profits by giving a very high percentage of discounts. When we manufacture products in mass there will be some products which are inferior in quality and they will get rejected by the dealers and shop owners. To push such products these schemes will be announced. When you go to a shop there will be some products with rebate and some products without any rebate. Why. This is the reason. If they are not selling the product it will become rejection and 100% loss. But if they sell at a low cost the amount whatever they are getting is a profit for them as in fixing the cost of their product will always be done considering some percentage of rejections also. But this fact is never understood by the purchaser. They think they are getting a lot of advantage by getting at a low price.
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    Traders and business people have fully known the mentality of the shoppers that only if they are offered discount and vouchers coupled with free gifts, the customers would flood the shop , otherwise not. What I have been closely watching that a prominent chain of cloth store dealing with ready made are constantly advertising 67 percent discount this time. That means either too they were charging 67 percent extra ? Moreover even the interest on EMI has been included and they advertise as 0 percent interest to buy even clothes for the family. So it is the gimmick to please the customers.
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    Agree but don't you feel that due to intense competition the companies are constraint to come up with different schemes, which means benefits to the customers in some way.

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