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    How do you interpret with the Brand concept?

    Often we are recognizing the product on two grounds which are branded or local. The branded can be known as any famous name in any specific segment like in shoes the most renowned are Adidas or Puma in the sports segment. Likewise in the clothing, it could be the John Player or the U.S. POLO ASSN. We people are attracted towards these brands with the surety of comfort, quality & longer life. The one more advantage of using the branded products is that those are updated with the current trends & so doesn't look odd when in use. But in order to having this we need to pay some extra amount from our pocket because these are costlier in comparison to the local items.

    So do you prefer with the branded products or sometimes you also accommodate with the local items too?
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    From the very beginning, I don't bother about brands. Earlier I could not afford to, now I choose not to. In many cases, I have found that products without any brand are better and of course cheaper. For example, I sometime purchase shoes made by local cobblers and I find these shoes better-looking, cheaper and I can use such shoes for a longer period than the branded shoes.
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    I am not very particular about the brand. If the item appears good and if I am happy with the rate and appearance I never hesitate to go for unbranded also. Why unnecessarily we have to pay more money for the branded material. The company will not be manufacturing these products but they will be giving job work to other companies and simple they are stamping their name. As mentioned by Partha sometimes the locally made shoes are good looking and go for a long period. They are very cost effective also.
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    My parents too had never opted for any branded products because they are experienced enough to judge by taking into their hands but for the people like me who don't even know about how to check with the quality of the material have got little choice to go with & so going for the discounted products can be cost effective too.

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    The choice of branded vs unbranded or local is a concept that is influenced by the circle the person moves in, his/her tastes, affordability and loyalty towards a particular name. I mix and match both. If someone can afford, has time and money to spare, then they would choose, track and order a particular brand of clothing or shoes or even perfumes.
    For some it's is the elite or social class they move in. For such people it becomes a compulsion to sport an expensive watch, a well cut suit from an expensive brand, a particular shoe (Red Tape etc) or handbag. For the average middle class family, it does not always need to be the brand and branded only. I buy shirts/T-shirts from the local outlet that are good and around 200 -400 cheaper than the branded US Polo. John Player shirts are around 1000-1500. They do have the look but it is not a must for all.
    When it comes to a big investment like a LED TV, a home oven/gas range unit, a fridge, then it is wiser to buy the good branded stuff so that the quality will be good and the after sales service would be better.

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    If you want to have a brand then be ready to shell extra amount, for their import , for the rent they pay, for the advertisement they make and above all for the quality. I heard from one of my cloth business friend that one of the top brand being imported from US is actually made in Hyderabad and strictly exported to the US and then the shirts are sent to various countries with their packing and brand name. That means what we think the best quality and so are actually created and made by the Indians and we are just floored with catchy brand names which are sustaining with heavy ads.
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    We all would be inclined to buy a branded commodity rather if it came at an affordable price. Sony headsets though affordable to many, is still a bit costly. So I better go for cheaper but better brands. Every commodity has a niche brand of it and a "everyday" brand of it. This theory is true for everything from underwear to screws. People on normal days would go for these everyday brands. But they save up some money to buy the niche/top branded commodities. There is no such thing as "branded" in the first place. All commodities are branded. It is just some of those brands have proven their fidelity better.
    So to buy those top model commodities one has to save. But recent developments like online shopping and EMI has made anything and everything affordable. So in such era it is rather foolish to not go for branded at the get go.

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