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    Don't just earn success, digest it too!

    Just getting the food to eat is not all, we need to digest it properly too so that it gets effectively utilised in our body. Indigestion will cause different side effects like gas, vomiting etc.

    In life success is such a thing which everyone desires and likes to enjoy its fruits. But is only getting success important? We need to digest it too. Some people are not able to handle success well and they end up with side effects like becoming overconfident, selfish, proud and start flying high as if they will never fail again. This shows that they are not able to digest the success well which ultimately results in their downfall. It is said that we should not allow success to get into our head.

    On the other hand there are few people who are able to digest the success well. They remain humble, helpful and down to earth even after getting loads of success. These are the people who are able to hold on to the success well in future. Maintaining balanced and indifferent attitude after success is the key ingredient to digest the success properly.

    Let success not make you fly so high that you injure yourself severely if you fall from that great height. On the other hand let failures not bury you underground. Rather keep yourself on the ground.
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    This is all the way true to its very fact that only few people among many remains down to earth even after their huge success. This trait differs from person to person because being a human being we are carried away with different personalities which is absolutely unpredictable. For rest the author himself has clarified the whole thing in the third para & I do agree with the him.

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    An excellent post. There is a saying in Telugu which says that as you grow in your position in the society, you should become more down to earth. When you hit on an empty vessel it makes a big sound. But when you hit on a filled vessel the sound will be very less. The leaf used for eating will try to fly when there is no food is served on it. But when the leaf is filled with all varieties it will not fly. It will be on the ground only. We should also develop such a behaviour only. When we are successful we should enjoy but we should not go limitless so that we may be lost somewhere. Our humbleness, kindness and attitude should not change. There should be a positive development but not the other side. This will give us more and more happiness and stability. Many people who are very successful in their life they will always maintain their humble attitude.
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