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    Important: JEE and NEET will be held twice every year

    Today, the Union HRD Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar has made an important announcement. He has stated that national level engineering and medical entrance examinations, i.e., JEE Main and NEET, will be held twice a year from 2019 in online mode. The Minister has also announced in the press conference that the examinations will be conducted by newly-formed National Testing Agency (NTA) instead of CBSE.

    We know that the National Defence Academy (NDA) examination is presently held twice every year by the UPSC. The Government is going to introduce the same pattern in respect of JEE and NEET. As a result, candidates would get two chances in a year to clear JEE or NEET. Many students won't apportion time for Board examination and competitive examinations because both are held in April-May. The students will not face such difficulties in the new system. JEE Mains will be held in January and April and NEET will be held twice in February and May.

    I like this announcement. The Government has taken a pragmatic decision. The engineering and medical colleges won't find much difficulty in this system because almost everywhere semester system is followed. CBSE will be able to concentrate more on Board examinations.

    I like to know the views of other Members on this important issue.
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    It is a good proposition. What I understand from your post is that the entrance examinations will be two times a year. But your post is silent on admissions into the institutes. Is it also two time. So the students can save 6 months by this system. Who failed to get a seat on the first exam can try again in the next exam and they can join. That means when the 2nd semester of one batch is going on, the 2nd batch 1st semester will be in process. Am I correct? In such case, it will be good for the student for saving six months.
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    This has not been clarified. But I think that the students who would qualify JEE/NEET in January/February, will start their classes in June Semester and those who qualify in April/May would start in December Semester. This happens in case of NDA examinations.
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    If the admissions are to be held twice a year, then would it not double the number of new admissions in a year? If so, then the institutes will have to double their facilities, isn't it?

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    Gypsy: The details have not been indicated in the press conference, but I think the number of seats would be halved. But this is a speculation on my part.

    However, it is true that JEE and NEET will be held twice from next year onwards and the examination will be conducted by NTA, instead of CBSE.

    NTA will also conduct the NET from 2019.

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    That means more hard work for the students. Now itself the students are forced to have special classes, crash course, intern exams and so on for 16 hours daily and if two exams are to be conducted, the children wont be allowed to even visit the homes and parents. By the way inability of CBSE to conduct the NEET exam has earned the wrath of the South Indians states as they are unable to accommodate the local candidates with local centers. And about National Testing Agency, which is newly formed has not come out with new rules and regulations and that would be added confusion. Moreover how the seats are going to be allotted. That means when the seats are the same across the country for the Medical courses, how come more candidates who may get through two exams with intense coaching be accommodated. Is there any plans to increase the medical seats ?
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    First of all I thank the author for bringing such an important news to this forum so that even those who are not in touch of new educational policies and measures will be knowing the things and be aware.

    This will be a great relief for the mediocre students for whom it is difficult to take the load of their regular classes and these competitive exams simultaneously. So it has created a great ease on that part and every 6 months the test is there means student do not have to wait for one full year for the next chance or attempt.

    I think this is a good decision taken by the Govt.

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    But Umesh those who have got the rank in first attempt has to wait for the regular academic year to start for counselling or web options. That means long wait and even your rank can be trespassed by the next chance candidate and more competition. And what about more students having qualified for the government seats in Medical and those who writing the second exam , are they assured of the seats even after getting the rank. What I feel that the load of exams has been reduced for the organizers are they wont be mad rush otherwise handling 14 lakh students every year is cumbersome.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Today clarity has come. Two times examinations will be held. A student can write both the times or only once. Once a student attends two times he can opt for the highest score he got. One test in Feb and the second one in may. Only one time admissions. No two times admissions. The admissions will start only after the results of both the exams are out. This is the best one out of two scheme. It is good that the student will get one additional chance.
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    I feel that this is a good reform and it will to some extent decrease the burden of appearing in the Board examination and Entrance examinations simultaneously. Further, the load on CBSE will also decrease because the Entrance examinations (and NET) will be conducted by a new agency created for this very purpose.
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    Yes, I read the news yesterday in my mobile app and I welcome this step of the government. It would really be helpful for the students and they would appear in the examination twice every year. Many students will be benefited by this reform.
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