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    Is shopping with Amazon India better than Club Factory?

    There is a huge difference in products when comparing Club Factory with Amazon India.

    I personally love shopping at Amazon. The only problem with Amazon India is huge taxes including GST and delivery charges which is not good. Suppose, if you buy a product for 100 Rupees then you will need to pay Rupees 30 Delivery charges along with GST tax.

    Now, here comes the Club Factory. They offer the best products from clothing to electronics. The price is also expensive but delivery charges and GST are excluded. I am starting to love Club Factory.

    Do anyone here got any idea why additional taxes are charged by Amazon?
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    Some sellers on levy a separate shipping charge so as to keep the price of product low. Some sellers include the shipping charges in their selling price and pay GST on the full selling price. So, basically there is no difference between the situations.

    I think even club factory levies shipping charges. PFA a screenshot of a product's page on Club factory.

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    Who ever sells the products online, they are supposed to levy GST and delivery charges are left to the prerogative of the on line marketing agencies. So we have to bear the GST.
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    See the total charges and total expenditure for a product for both the sites and decide on the cheaper rate site. This you should do for each product every time and then you can decide.
    Let us suppose In Amazon Rate of a product is 'X", GST is 'Y' and the shipping charge is 'Z'. The total expenses will be 'X +Y+Z'. If the rate of the same product on the other site is supposed as A, B and C for the heads given above. The total cost will be A +B + C. Now if X+Y+ Z is less go for Amazon or otherwise go for the second site.
    This exercise we should d for any product every time and decide. It will help us in saving the money. We should not go by the name of the site.

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    @Gypsy, are you gonna buy that dress? Well... I don't think Club Factory charges any kind of shipping fees. I have ordered a cool trouser and the exact amount of 248 was charged from my PayTm wallet without any delivery fees and GST tax. Is this weird?

    @Mohan, I don't have any issues with GST tax but shipping charges are too expensive than products price.

    @Shrinivasa, the products on Amazon are awesome. However, if we consider the extra shipping charges along with product price, it is double charging. If a product cost 500 Rupees, we have to add 600 Rupees. That's too expensive.

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    By the way one has to find out from where the Club Factory is sending the products to the customer. For the locals they may not charge the shipping charges and If it based at Mumbai or Delhi, In that case the shipping charges for those ordering from South would be more and vise versa. And more over unlike the other delivery stations being operated by private parties for the other on line portals, I believe Amazon is not having the franchise and they are purely depending on the courier services which eventually charge for every shipping in big way.
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    If Club factory charges delivery fees after dispatching the products then it is similar to Amazon, flipkarkt and other online shopping sites. I will see when they dispatch the products to my address. If they ask for delivery fees then Amazon will be better.
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    Will I buy that dress or not is not the concern here. The concern is shipping charges & GST. I think you have not understood what I said in my first response in this thread. I will give you an example. Suppose a trouser is listed at Amazon and there are two sellers for the trousers. One seller is selling the same trouser for Rs 1000 inclusive of shipping and GST. The other seller is selling the same trouser for, say, Rs 950 plus Rs 50 as shipping charges. The cost of the trouser is same for you in both the cases, i.e. Rs 1000. Both are paying the same amount of GST.

    Shipping charges depend on the following factors - weight, dimensions, distance. There are different slabs for weight - 500gm, 1000gm, 1500gm.......for dimensions, it is L*B*H/5000. If L*B*H/5000 is less than 2500, then it falls in 0-500gm slab, if it is between 2500-5000, then it falls in 500-1000gm slab. Courier companies charge for whichever is higher between dead weight and volumetric weight. For distance, there are zones like local, zonal, and national. Some e-commerce portals charge you flat for shipping, some charge by the zones.

    Mohan, you are once again mistaken about Amazon. Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart have their own courier services. The rest of the e-commerce portals have tied up with private courier services to deliver their orders. the courier services do not charge heavily to these e-commerce portals, since they give them something around 50,000 packets everyday from Metros like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennnai, Bengaluru, Ahemdabad...

    Hope it clears your doubts!

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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