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    Need for counselors in schools

    There have been instances of violence in schools. Some years ago, a Hindi lady teacher was brutally murdered by a boy student in Chennai. There have been murders in other places too.

    This points to a very dangerous situation. The stress is telling on the students. The teachers are stressed too. The mad race for marks is giving a big headache to most school Managements.

    In this situation, if the schools appoint trained psychological counselors, who are very well trained, it will do the students a great deal of good. The students can be shaped well.

    There should be at least one counselor for a school. Can we do something?

    Members can please share their experiences in this regard.
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    A very relevant thread, present-day schools have extreme examples of violence at the middle school level from students and at times the teachers (inappropriate physical punishment). Often senior teachers or vice-principal etc try to sort disciplinary issues. But psychological guidance and support for students, parents, and teachers would be necessary.
    Schools do charge a decent amount of fees, it would help everyone if they have a counselor in-house or visiting at regular times in a day. This would be ideal but if not practical, then some teachers should be sent by the school for getting a brief course in handling difficult/violent children who would be far and few.
    They can also double up as motivators and help student reduce the stress of studies and exams. This always need not be physical, they can also be interactive from a remote area with parents or a teacher present in the class or with the difficult child.
    The high-end schools may have it but I've not heard of a counselor in the middle-level private schools in our area.

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    I think the thread is very relevant. Considering the increasingly complex society in which we live, small families, working parents, cut-throat competition, fear of failure, increasingly worse teacher-student relationship, feeling of jealousy about the fellow-students and increasing sexual crimes, all schools need counselors for the students. It is the need of the hour.
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    Well even the school management employ the best counselors what is going to happen ? The parents are of different thought and approach and they wont mend their ways. There was instances when the parents are chiding the child in front of the principal for not scoring 98 or 99 percent. The boy scored 96 percent. So what I mean to say that the parents are bringing pressure on the child and the management is also feeling the heat of performance and that eventually zero on the teacher. And the poor teacher has to man the whole class of 40 students minimum and she cannot expect all of them are excellent students. So a teacher also goes out of patience and try to punish the erring student for not following the class and be a slow learner. What I suggest that a good teacher be appointed only to cater to the needs of slow learner and that would solve the problem to much extent and satisfaction.
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    According to CBSE norms, a counsellor is a must to get recognition of the school. But most of the schools take it normally and show the counsellors in the papers only. In MP Board, it is mandatory to have a counsellor in every school to get recognition after this session. But it is important that the counsellor must understand his role and work accordingly .
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    It is true. In this world because everybody is after marks and ranks, the students as well as teachers are under tremendous pressure. The parents expect a lot from their children. Teachers are asked to produce cent percent result. This is causing a type of stress. In that process sometimes either the students or the teachers will go for a wrongdoing and that is leading to unrest and violence. To come out of this as suggested by the author a psychological councilor may come to the rescue of this people. This suggestion may really do good for the benefit of the students.
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