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    They spend a lot but still complain

    Sometimes I fail to understand as to why some people who are earning well and spend a lot have this attitude.

    They use big cars and SUVs with low mileage and even keep two cars but they complain about a slight increase in petrol prices.

    They eat outside in luxurious restaurants but still they crib rising prices of milk, rice, pulses, and onions.

    These people never complain about high movie ticket costs in multiplexes inside malls and watch movies with family and buy Rs 150 popcorn at the interval.

    Same people spend a lot on outings and staying in luxurious resorts.
    They regularly travel by flights and never complain about high flight fares but they still complain even about a small increase in railway fares.

    So the summary is that they spend a lot on few things but still complain about small price hikes. Though this does not justify the price rise but why this double standard? It is quite understandable for families having limited earnings who are really troubled by this. But why this attitude in few well to do families?
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    If we observe closely than few are habitual in complaining of the things of whatsoever & few are made to complain. The reason lies in the very fact that we are busy in comparing ourselves with others & this continues throughout our lives. Rather than feeling happy of the resources which we are already carrying with us, we are busy in filling up the gaps with the resources which the others are carrying too. Being this remained the never ending process, we became desperate & began to criticize others so as to show our presence onto others. There is a another misconception among many that If we continue to criticize others than somehow it gives us an impression that we are becoming big or the others are getting smaller. So this is nothing but the type of personality that we carry or the way we have been brought up with the circumstances.

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    This is human nature. We are never satisfied with the assets which we possess. We want to grab more. So, we are not satisfied with two cars. We want more. When we travel in Economy class, we aspire to fly in Business class. The passengers in Business class want to travel in Executive class. The Executive class passengers want to have their own luxury aircraft. There is no end to it.

    Another human nature is to criticize others. We like to criticize our neighbours, our locality, our state and then our country. After exhausting everything, we start criticizing God, the Almighty.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    So from the author's submission it is very clear that if some one likes something or inclined to do a thing, for him or her the price does not matter. For example if one is fond of a particular food and that is available with taste and aroma in one particular restaurant only, they wont mind travelling to that place and have it. Here the price, the traveling time and man hour lost is not mattered. Likewise those who have the urgency to travel and they have very short time to visit and come back, they have to take the help of air plane , not matter what is the charge and comforts. So the tag line is that we are ready to spend for the need.
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    True. We give Rs.50/- tip to the server we served in the hotel as a part of his job. But when an old man asks for a small help we will not oblige. We spend hundreds of rupees on our luxuries but always say we are suffering because of the price rises. A person who spends Rs.5000/- to Rs.6000/- in a month to eating out with his family will talk about the rise of 5o paise in the litre cost of petrol. What to say and how to understand.
    We get a water bottle outside for Rs.15/-. But in a theatre, we will pay Rs,25/- for the same. No problem. This is the attitude of the people these days.
    But actually, the price increase is a problem for people who are getting very fewer salaries. For example, if you consider the salary of a driver who is working with a tours and travellers organisation, they are in such low levels that having a square meal two times in a day is also difficult for them, Such people suffer a lot. The governemnt should keep such people in mind.

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    A very interesting observation by the author.

    This is a common tendency in upper class people that in high street places they will show off or pretend to be richer than their actual level but in other places they will fight for a small amount. So their behaviour changes from place to place and the surroundings.

    Some people are penny wise and pound foolish. They will not be able to use the financial prudence everywhere.

    Another thing which other members have also pointed out is that a person can spend any money where he is interested to do it otherwise he will be conservative.

    Knowledge is power.

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    But people are also getting annoyed and irritated for over charging inside the so called big screens in the name of digital viewing pleasure and so on. The other day a politician has bashed the pop corn seller in a I max theater for charging 300 where as the ticket fee itself is less. That means the theater owners want to earn while the sun shine. And why the government weights and measures departments are not taking against these erring theaters as the same department is stooping to raids big malls.?
    K Mohan
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    There are two key aspects to this behavior

    1. Just because someone is rich, it doesn't mean that he or she should not complain about an unfair price hike. It is a matter of principle and fair play. A guy coming in a bicycle and a guy coming in a BMW have to pay the same price for the same(class) train ticket or same (class) movie ticket, the organization does not differentiate between them.

    2. Human beings are peculiar, they are never satisfied, they would like to get more for the money they spend on various things, this is modulated by the where they are, If you ask for a discount in PVR, you will be laughed at, if you complain that the coffee at a 5 star restaurant is overpriced you will be embarrassed, whereas complaining about such general things is taken in the stride along with others.

    Bottom line is, just because someone is rich it does not translate that he or she would not be bothered about paying more for public services and essential commodities.

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    People live according to their means. They buy what they can afford. Someone who drives an SUV works hard to buy and afford it. They want a better vehicle because of the comforts it provides, but it does not mean that a price hike will not pinch them. Their expenses are in keeping with their earnings. They develop a better taste for things because they can afford it and their expenses rise accordingly.

    What people do not understand is that peoples' standard of living improves when their earning capacity increases. It is normal to shift from a smaller vehicle to a bigger, more expensive one. A better lifestyle means more expenses and a price rise of commodities will affect them, the same way it affects the middle-class. They will have to pay more for the luxuries that they enjoy.

    Will we be as judgemental of the middle-class, as we are of the upper-middle-class or the rich? Will we tell them that they ride a bike, but crib about high fuel prices? Will we ask why can't they travel by public transport instead? We don't do that, so why single out those who spend their hard earned money on things they find a necessity?

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    The second point mentioned by Natarajan is really significant here.
    People know that they would be judged and looked down upon if they try to argue and bargain in a high end mall or theatre. But the same person wouldn't hesitate to complain about the usual stuff like price hike, inefficiency, corruption etc, when they are in a crowded marketplace or in the midst of commoners. It doesn't feel socially awkward in the latter, as everyone does the same.

    It takes courage to go against the public opinion. It takes guts to put yourself in an awkward situation and be judged. It takes courage to stand up and do what's right, however seemingly small it may seem.

    We need to change the 'chalta hai' attitude within ourselves. We need to really question ourselves. Following the mob doesn't help all the time. Instead of simply accepting the ineffective reality, as in highly priced food items in multiplexes, or simply complaining the petrol hike without putting any effort, we need to take steps.

    The irony mentioned by the Vij is not just applicable to rich people.
    Think about pollution in big cities.
    Each of us desire a quiet serene residence. But as soon as the signal switches to green from amber, we incessantly press the horn. Isn't that an irony!! An irony that both the BMW owner and rickshawwala are equally responsible for.

    To solve this irony, each of us need to changes our mindset. But that's still a long way.
    The real irony is that even now, in many places, we don't look down upon open defecation.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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