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    Should there be any moral policing at all?

    After the BJP has come to power at the Center, there have been instances of some goons who have started roaming the streets, with "thali" in their hands, literally forcing lovers to tie the knot. More often than not, it happens during the Valentine's day on the Feb 2018 every year.

    The same brigade is now up in arms against some "reality shows". They have not been able to wag their tail in places like Mumbai, the fashion capital of India. They have done damage in Mangalore.and even in Bangalore.

    Should we this brigade? What right do they have to interfere in personal affairs?
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    I don't think we need to discuss this. We have had numerous discussions on moral policing. The last being
    Should the moral police be made to shut shop, for ever?.

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    Sorry Sir. Let us stop this discussion. I forgot what I earlier raised as a thread.

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    As far as my personal opinion is concerned to some extent this moral policing is required. We are all living in a society and we are not alone here. So we should learn to respect the needs and requirements of the others also. We should not make the fellow human beings embarrassed with our movements and behaviour. One should always keep this in mind and behave as required. In such a case, no moral policing is required. But when we forget this very concept this moral policing is required. As required we should introspect ourselves and see that what we are doing should not be a problem for others. If somebody is forgetting this there is nothing wrong with moral policing.
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    See normal police cannot give time for each and every negative event or incidence that takes place around us and they can take action when the matter is reported. But again there are certain groups which are bent upon creating commotion by going against the government orders. Valentines day is the concept imported from the west and the government is not averse to celebrating the same inside the four walls and not disturbing the tranquility life of others. But on that day we see the love birds engaged in bike tour, visiting places, and making gestures in public parks which are frequented by other visitors. This attitude probably irks the Moral Police brigade, which wants to bring tradition and culture to be followed and not to ape western culture. Yes they should hand over the erring lovers to the police instead of they taking laws into their hands. Their over action is unwanted..
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