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    Have you visited this place called Chettinad?

    Many members would have known about what is called as "Chettinad" non-vegetarian food. I do not know anything about this famous variety, as am a pure vegetarian. However, I have been to this town called Chettinad, a small town some two hours drive from Tiruchirapalli, and well connected by train.

    This is a lovely place where so many heritage buildings are available. These mansions belong to the powerful Chettiyar community, and from this community are Managements of the SPIC group and the Murugappa Group of Chennai. There are others like the former Finance Minister, Mr P Chidambaram, whose family still owns property here. The huge houses have superb ventilation and have up to one hundred or more rooms. The architecture is superb. This place is worth a visit.
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    Although I have not visited Chettinad, I have tasted Chettinad cuisine. Are Chettiyars from Chettinad region?
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    Just my views
    With due respect to the author, such threads will get an answer yes, no, I saw this etc. If it is a religious place or a place of historical interest or tourist spot, then it's fine but otherwise, it would be not worthwhile. Instead, you can pen down an article with good details.

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    OK sir, I shall write an article. However, this can be done only after collecting all the details. I have been there as a tourist on a number of occasions. I have to make notes now, and this will take a while. Sir, this is just to help members know where this place is and the architectural beauty of the place.

    Yes, I do appreciate your views. However, I will never write an article unless I have data. Thus far, I have written on topics, hugely based on my experiences in the Indian Corporate Sector. Each of the case studies are real and from the real world. This Chettinad thing is a totally different cup of tea.

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    Partho Sir, there are two types of Chettiyars that I know of. The Vysya Chettiyars are by and large spread out in Tamil Nadu. They are mostly vegetarians. In fact, it might interest you to know that the Management of the now famous bank called Karur Vysya Bank, one of the fastest growing private sector banks, is made up of people who belong to this community. They hail from a district headquarters town called Karur, which is around one hundred and twenty kilometers from Coimbatore city.

    Chettinad is the birthplace and native place of a very prosperous Chettiyar community called the "Nattukottai Chettiyars". I do not know if there are vegetarians in this community. They are spread throughout India, and are pucca professionals. Our own P. Chidambaram is a superb lawyer by profession. He is also an MBA from the Harvard Business School. People accuse him of intellectual arrogance. But he is a thorough professional.

    There may be some other types of Chettiyars. I do not know about those.

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    Is Chetinad belongs to Chetiyar community? I heard that this community is into businesses. Many banks in TN are controlled by this group. The bank owned by P Chidambaram & family later merged with ICICI bank. So, they are having controlling stake in it? Now the bank is in trouble.

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    What I feel that Chetinad is the ancestral village which is famous for a business community and who had later expanded in various business across the Tamil Nadu. Like Mudaliars , the Chetiyar is also a community who are basically indulging in business activities. We can see famous hotels having Chetinad cuisines, and we also come across the famous cement called Chetinad cement. And what I heard that these Chetiyars wont mingle with other communities and they perform marriages with their own community people and hence the money is rotating and expanding in big way.
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    I heard about Chettinad and Chettinad Cements is very famous. These cement factories were customers to a company where I worked earlier. But the other things mentioned are new to me. I had been to Tiruchirapalli many times but I never visited this place.
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