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    Would you like to share your experience of life so far & lessons learnt?

    All the members of the ISC & beyond this have been now to different age groups as well as have experienced to different facets of life. On an average we all have been through different hurdles but at the same time we also have been to different levels comfort zones too. So if we carry all those to a one place then what do you feel about what remains the most important experience of your life or the learning which you would like to share with others so as to bring some insight to the realities of life along with the probabilities in order to carry out those in the most efficient & effective ways.

    Me, in my personal life too have been to different occasions wherein I went on with the decisions more inclined with the humanly aspects or in another way I wasn't considered with the profit or loss of the aftermath. So in due course what I have observed is that the spiritual life & the professional life are two different facets of the same life & you shouldn't behave in a spiritual way wherein the other is having a professional look towards you or else you would be in loss & for this only you would be responsible.

    What about you?
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    What I learnt from the lessons on my life and observing closely about the life of others of my age that, we have to live for self first and then consider giving time for others. Because others get benefited and forget and in the melee we miss the very moments of our life which ought to be enjoyed and gone through. And never believe the relatives who promise the moon for you in the palm , instead keep faith in the friends who are close and are with you in the good and bad times of life. And when you get big success, do not reveal to any one, as their sore eye would spoil our progress within no time. And never reveal your bad time or poverty with the relatives as they get immense satisfaction on your failure to pull the life. Be on your own, mingle sparingly with others, when others reveal about their personal matter, you also do that but never ever voluntarily share your failures to others as they take immense pleasure on our setbacks.
    K Mohan
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    An excellent thread from the author. Every person earns experience everyday. But the important factor is whether he/she learns from the experience. If the person learns, it would help him/her. If not, the person will commit the same mistake.

    So far as sharing my experience with others is concerned, I would like to state a very simple thing: Don't lose hope. Something good would definitely happen. But if you lose hope, nothing would happen.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Life is full of experiences and lessons learnt.

    Whenever we take a concious decision, we consider many factors beforehand as well as examine the pros and cons. Still to our surprise, we sometimes see totally opposite results against our expectations.

    This adds a new experience to our library and we include it in our future decision making process.

    Recently, I visited one of my friends. In his house, I observed that they were having a place for keeping old books and magazines. Near that, there was a small table and stool. A table lamp was kept on the table. I was a bit surprised as their children were already settled in other towns and nowadays we do not read much as everything is available on net. So I was just thinking what purpose it served. My friend got my direction in which I was gazing and smiled. He told me that sometimes the children from neighbourhood came to ask him some help in solving their homework and he was doing it free and happily and was well known in that area.

    I was a bit baffled as I thought it as 'breaking my privacy' if someone comes to ask me like that. I never thought that instead of sitting idle I could also do something similar.

    It was a new experience for me and I was feeling a little bit low thinking that I was never thinking in that line though I was more free and more qualified than him to do such noble jobs.

    Anyway, after returning I also volunteered for any academic help to anyone in our society and today we have a small morning session in the park near my house where not children but grown up people come and discuss their academic or other queries with me and with some of my friends present there.

    At every step in life we learn a new thing and can incorporate it in our life if we wish so.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Every day we learn something or other from the situations we have faced or the persons we met. How best we utilise this learnt lessons for shaping for the future is the point.
    I learned many things from my mother's father. My grandfather was a service-oriented person and used to distribute free medicines of Ayurveda to the villagers as required. The poor people of the village used to approach for treatment and he used to do that. He used to go to the houses of patients even at midnight if the situation demands. He was never asking for money and even the cost of the medicines he never used to demand from them.
    I got an inspiration from him and I used to teach mathematics, physics and chemistry to poor high school students free of cost when I was a research scholar in the university.
    I visit many temples and generally, I donate some money to the temples for free food distribution service.

    always confident

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    Generally, knowingly or unknowingly, we take or copy the experiences of others. This other person can be from our own family or from outside. In my case both are there. My father's life taught me many things. He was educated up to the intermediate level. He could not go for a degree. Our family had acres of land holdings, spread around different regions. After his education he had to look after the management of these. Later the whole were partitioned among the family members. My father's share was a little far off from the main house. It was an underdeveloped area, without any modern facilities. He constructed a two storeyed house with four bed rooms and other facilities. He understood that the whole are was very much underdeveloped in all sense. The nearest road was about four km. away. There was no road connecting that place to his house. Nobody got news papers there, since majority were uneducated. The nearest Post Office was about ten km away. The post man came only once in a week. All the locals depended on agriculture or related activities. All were uneducated.
    Sseing all these Father decided to start a primary school there. It was the first step. Together with that construction of a road to connect with the main road, four km away, also was undertaken. Some people were reluctant to give their land for constructing road. Father purchased such places and handed over to the Panchayath for road making. Next he started to bring a Post office there, for which he gave space in the school itself. Next step was bringing bus service to the place. Meanwhile the Primary school was made an Upper primary school and later a High school. He brought electricity connection to the village. Then a health centre. He took initiative to start a Library for the public. Thus the whole area got developed, with his own support. Financially also he supported all these activities, even forgetting his children's education expenditure. I was the major affected son among all. I was studying for degree and post graduation during these days. He could not send money to me in time.
    Most of the locals, depending on their qualifications, were given payment in the school, without taking zny money from them. Thus I could see how one can develop an underdeveloped area into an area with all facilities generally needed.
    Now the school is a Higher Secondary School with more than two thousand students and more than a hundred staff. It has five school buses running for students and staff.
    So this model person is in front of me to copy and follow. I follow him in every work. I never bother about the returns from the works I am doing. Several voluntary works are undertaken by me.


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