Are we unknowingly becoming victims of generation gap?

We often tell to our kids," In our times schools and teachers were good, we used to study regularly, we had no distractions and gadgets like you. We did not have this facility or that facility. Movie songs of our time were much better than today" and many more things. We are very much correct as far as our feelings are concerned as we grew up in that era. But if we look from the eyes of present generation kids, they are growing up in current time and hence are adopting the present things.

When we were kids our parents also used to tell the same to us and we used to dislike it. The same thing applies to today's kids. Hence I feel that unknowingly we are becoming victims of the generation gap as we keep on clinging to our old good things and sometimes hesitate to accept current generation realities. There is no harm in talking to our kids regarding healthy things of our times but always comparing may make kids feel let down. They may feel that we are not ready to appreciate anything of their generation.

Hence we should introspect carefully and realize that by comparing our kids time to our age we are able to draw a thin line between genuine and biased comparisons. We should not let this develop into a generation gap.