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    New initiatives taken by Indian Railways

    Although we always criticize Indian Railways for not maintaining punctuality and for its dismal quality of food and other facilities, very slowly the Railways are trying to improve. Recently Indian Railways have started various new facilities, which, I think, Members are required to know for their convenience. Some of these initiatives are:-

    (a) IRCTC's PoS machines with a pre-loaded menu: IRCTC has introduced point of sale (PoS) machine with a pre-loaded menu in twenty-five trains during the current year. This service is to ensure that passengers don't have to pay extra for a meal during the journey.
    (b) Grievance redressal mechanism: In respect of redressal mechanism, Indian Railways have shown massive improvement. Passenger's complaints via Twitter, Facebook are being taken care of immediately.
    (c) Vikalp Scheme for waitlisted passengers: IRCTC has also introduced the Vikalp scheme in order to help the waitlisted passengers. With this scheme, IRCTC offers an option to provide confirmed seats in an alternate train to waitlisted passengers.
    (d) E-wheelchair service: In order to make train travel convenient for senior citizens, differently abled people and injured people, Indian Railways have come up with the e-wheelchair facility.
    (e) E-bedroll: Indian Railways have also introduced e-bedroll facility through which the passengers can book a bedroll kit on payment basis. The kit can be booked through The passengers can take these bedrolls at the end of the journey.

    Indian Railways have introduced some more novel schemes in major stations and in some important trains. Passengers must be aware of these new facilities to avail these benefits for their own convenience.
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    Indian Railway is a very big organisation in Govt sector and as happens in other Govt departments it is also having some problems associated with punctuality, cleanliness and customer friendly aspect. It is well known for delay of trains and bad conditions of its coaches.

    Now, lately, we are seeing a positive change in its activities and it is coming out of its sluggish and shabby image. The introduction of bio-toilets, cleanliness drive and other customer friendly measures, as also mentioned by the author in his thread, are a good indicator of more brighter things yet to come.

    On financial sides Indian Railways has no problem as Govt is there to take care. Only concern is good governance and how to run it professionally.

    Interestingly, the ordinary class fares in Railway are quite low and due to this reason it is the best source of transport for poor people. No private organisation can provide a journey in such a low tarrif. That is one thing why poor people will never like to have Railways in private hands as some people advocate that its services will improve if it is privatised.

    Anyway, the positive changes in Railways are a matter of great joy for all of us as this is still one main mode of our transport.

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    Well I appreciate the new initiatives , the biggest grievance against the Railways is that of observing of punctuality. I fail to understand that why the train must move late from the originating station. For example some trains start from Secunderabad Railway station and invariably the train wont start in time. And thus en route the trains goes late and even reach the destination at loose timings. So what action the Railway Ministry is taking in maintaining the punctuality. Many a time I have seen goods trains given clearance at the cost of Express trains. That is ridiculous to which Railways never respond.
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    Definitely these days we are observing some positive developments in railways and I am observing more in Southcentral railway. Many trains are on time and very rarely they are running late. The corruption in the rails in allowing reservation births and other things have come down. Earlier days many people used to travel in trains without tickets and in reserved compartments without reservations. But they are reduced these days. These are good developments.
    Now through this post, the author shared good information and the information will be useful to many of the people. Another facility the railways provided is the reserved seats can be transferred to the other people based on the requirement by following the terms and conditions mentioned. Similarly, there is a system of knowing the percentage of chances in getting our waitlisted reservation to get confirmed. The facility of tracing the train and knowing all the details through the apps.

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