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    Every one advise us to learn from our own mistakes , why not we learn from others mistakes too ?

    When we are in a peer group, naturally competition is for sure and in the melee we make mistakes and terribly end with bad results. In that case the advises from every one pours in to learn from our own committed mistakes. That is good advise and naturally follow without murmuring. But instead of we committing mistake and learning from it, why not we also learn from those who are near to us and in the peer group and they also end up committing mistakes and from that failure to we can learn. What is your response for this ?
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    It is very good if you can learn from others mistakes and don't do such mistakes. I will call such a person as an intelligent person. An intelligent person will observe others when they are on some action and try to improvise on that by correcting the mistakes done by the other person when his chance comes. That will ensure him a success. No doubt in that. But how many people will try to do this is the question?
    At least if we learn from our mistakes it is good. As such we will not do the same mistake again. There are some people who do the mistake and try o defend their mistake. Such people may feel they are successful at that moment but in long run, they will be the losers.
    A winner is a person we learn from the others mistakes and learn from those mistakes and restrain himself from committing such mistakes.

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    It's always a good idea to learn from every mistakes - be it your own or other's. You must have the longing to know things. Everybody starts from scratch and in the long run we face some difficulties in every sphere. It's our natural instinct to interfere with other's difficulties and find a solution to their problems. So, the general advice is to learn from our own mistakes rather than interfering with other's problems.

    All the mistakes have a reason and if we can analyse all those mistakes the reason for the mistake will be known to us. When you are learning from other's mistakes you will never do that types of mistake if you are performing the same thing. All the success stories had a story of failure also, but only the success stories are highlighted. Be a learner of everything, be aware of the process and chances of mistakes will be lesser.


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    Sankalan, nicely said that being a learner of everything, we are making ourselves exposed to others mistakes and thus learning from it.
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    If we could learn from other's mistakes, then life would be totally problem-free. But that doesn't happen for most of us. Even we do not learn from our own past mistakes, forget about others.
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