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    A mother's dignity of work

    Recently I came across a story which was a news item long back published in Times of India internet edition on 4th November 2016.

    Sumitra Devi, a class-IV employee sweeping the roads in CCL township, Rajrappa, Jharkhand, retired from her service and as usual a farewell party was arranged for her in their office.

    There was a big surprise and the whole atmosphere changed when three cars reached the venue on that day and three respected persons - one district collector, one engineer and one doctor alighted from the cars and came to the farewell venue and touched the feet of Sumitra Devi.

    Soon the people came to know that these were the three sons of Sumitra Devi and even after that she did not leave her small job telling that this only gave her the means to educate her sons and today because of that only they have reached such good posts.

    It is really remarkable that inspite of her sons reaching such a high status she was humble enough to continue her job. It is a great lesson to all of us and a great example of dignity of work.

    What are your views on this?
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    I read this news in social media and really it is great that lady struggled her life for the children but never left the job and she respected the job. What a dignity of labour. The good part is that none of her colleagues knows that her children are that well educated and in such a beautiful position.
    People should never think bad about the job they are doing and respect the job. We should not feel that we are eligible for the post higher than what we are doing. We should be sincere in our efforts and should not leave the ground even though we are attaining higher positions.

    always confident

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    Wow I bow to this great monther. It is one more testimony that it is the mother who plans and envisage greater role for their sons in future by working hard and in silence so that they achieve the success for sure. The way she continued her work in spite of her three sons having become greats in the society, her determination and dedication to the work has not suffered nor did she pose for greater demand which normally others do. She is the down to earth person and all the three sons are greatly indebted to her and they must see her and keep her in cheerful and good spirits.
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    I think the lady received her most beautiful gift on her last day in service when her three sons acknowledger her contribution in their life by paying respect to her in presence of all others. No other farewell gift can be better than this acknowledgment.

    The author has described the event beautifully. He kept the suspense upto the fourth para of the thread.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A great monther. There is a lot for us to learn from her. We see that people change their lifestyle with their earnings. People even sometimes forget their old lifestyle and change the attitude once they reach a good position.

    There are few people who are humble and simple even after reaching the heights but I have never seen a person who did the same job till retirement even after such a great lifetime achievement. Lots of Love and respect for this mother.

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