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    Why you yawn sometimes?

    A yawn is extended gaping of mouth followed by more rapid closure. It is impossible to resist a yawn.

    Why does it occur? Because of tiredness? Or sleepy?

    What I know about yawning is

    1) As far back 400 BC,Hypocrates thought yawning removed bad air from the lungs before a fever
    2) In 17nth & 18th century, doctors believed yawning improved oxygen in blood
    3) Recently, people believing that yawning cools down the brain.

    The truth is that nobody knows the true biological function of a yawn.

    Interesting thing is that yawning occurs in all species. It is contagious.

    Watching someone yawn or reading this thread or some threads in this forum also can lead you to yawn. Why?

    Dear members, what you know about yawning?
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    Well we have been coming across various reasons were attributed to the yawning and the author also appended some new information in this regard, what I feel that sleeplessness or postponing the scheduled sleeping moments to further time schedule would bring the yawning. Suppose if you are habituated to sleep by 10 pm daily and if you are prevented to do so by your visiting relatives and kept on talking, you will surely get the yawning. And inadequate sleep also brings yawning if a person is forced to get up at early hours. So yawning is concerned to the sleeplessness and nothing more.
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    Do birds yawn? Do reptiles yawn? I don't know but they would sure look weird. Yawning is when your nose cannot pump in enough air. So you open your mouth to drag in more air. This would lead more oxygen in blood. So on contrary to "I yawn when I feel sleepy", you yawn when you're trying not to sleep. With more oxygen, more metabolism and no sleep.
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    And why is yawning contagious? You just seeing someone yawning and you yawn too. This is a question that scientists have no clear answer for. I have a theory though. In olden days when animals lived in groups, they all slept at a same time. They woke at a same time. Which means they probably yawned the same time. That habit got carried to the modern humans too.
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    Our bodies have some involuntary activities. Yawning is one of them. The biological reasons may also be there.

    The simplest which comes to the mind is that body balances the amount of oxygen deficit which accumulates with normal breathing. There could be many other solutions.

    Seeing another yawning is only a psychological trigger which induces a yawn in the observer. That is also a relaxed involuntary mechanism. If we are concious we can suppress it.

    Our mind is the most mysterious organ managing these activities even without us to be concious about them.

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    Yawning occurs in every species including birds, reptiles, etc, all.
    Yawning is contagious. Science says, people who are more empathetic tend to be more susceptible to contagious yawning. When you see someone else yawn, the networks in your brain responsible for empathy and social skills get activated.

    Try an experiment in your home.
    Yawn and see if the other person yawns back. If the other person is immediately yawning back, he is considered as more empathetic!

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    Yawns are contagious. We may have evolved to catch other people's yawns, many believe. Yawns did spread between strangers but takes a long time to start the second yawn than when yawns spread between family and friends.
    Yawning give the brain some fresh air. In the year 2011 study was conducted and found people yawn more during cooler months and less in the warmer months.
    The recent researches revealed that mammals that let out big, long yawns had heavier brains with a higher number of brain cells.
    People with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis also will have this excessive yawning. These conditions have been linked to problems regulating brain temperature. It is believed that excessive yawning is to help out the body in maintaining health.

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