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    Do you support the screening test by UP Government for employees above the age of 50?

    The Uttar Pradesh Government has announced a screening test for employees aged 50 years and above and they have to take compulsory retirement if they fail in the test. The test will gauge the performance of the employees and the Government will force to retire the under-performers. But my question is why the age is fixed at 50. Won't there be any under-performers below the age of 50. Can a screening test gauge the performance of an employee? Members, do you support such screening test for compulsory retirement?
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    Screening tests can be there but not for compulsory retirement. There should be some screening tests before a government officer gets promoted to the next level. Instead of simply going by the years of experience the employee's suitability can be reviewed by conducting a small screening test but not oral test. In my previous Organisation where we a scheme of promoting workers to supervisor cadre and supervisors to Officer cadre, we used to conduct a written test by fixing up minimum education criteria and some fixed years of service as minimum service required.
    But all of a sudden asking for a screening test that too for continuing in the job is never good. This can be for a new employee who joined recently and getting confirmed. He may be asked to appear for the test and his confirmation can be done only after he successfully completes the test.

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    My response is for those who are unaware of the provisions of the Government rules (including Government employees who have forgotten the rule).

    1. FR 56/Rule 48 of CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 of the Central Government states that the Government may evaluate the performance of officers and employees when they reach 50 and again when they reach 55 years of age. This provision has been there since the very beginning. The present Central Government has started implementing it very strictly at all levels since 2014.

    2. There must be similar rules in State Governments also. The UP Government has also started implementing it strictly.

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    Normally after the age of 45, Indians are getting various diseases and the most affected one is the eye sight and obesity. I think for any government department now a days the works are digitized and hence the employees glue to the computer screens for hours together and hence they may get eye sight. And those who are fat belly are unfit to be in police department and hence I appreciate the Yogi government in UP for taking screening test of government employees above 50 years ensuring their good eye sight and also about obesity. In fact other state governments should also emulate this.
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