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    Are you doing these small things yourself?

    Nowadays, everything is door delivered ranging from newspaper to provision. The gadgets, apparels and accessories are also available online and delivered to us by a courier service. So we need not to go out for anything.

    Inspite of this, many people especially the seniors will go for a stroll in the morning and while returning bring milk, newspaper or some other small necessity of the house.

    They are doing it voluntarily. There could be many reasons for that - to have a reason to go out, to pass the time, to get good quality items etc.

    What is your take on that?
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    I am an aged person (a senior citizen). I have the habit of doing several things myself. I prepare the bed tea myself in the morning and, of course, a cup for my wife too. Afterwards, go out to collect the news papers and milk, which will be kept at the gate, which is about a hundred metres away from the house. I used to wash some of my clothes. Before morning bath I do some work connected with vegetable cultivation. In fact a good amount of purchase of different things needed in the house for daily use are done by me. Vegetables, groceries, and such other things needed daily in the house.
    I never felt doing such things for the common use in the family as an extra work. In fact I enjoyed doing these.


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    It is always a pleasure in doing certain works on our own. There are two advantages to it. You will be engaged and you will have some contacts. If we go daily for a walk to a nearby park, where we can meet many people of almost our age and we can make friends with them. It is serving two purposes. If you do walking on the terrace of your house, it will serve the only one need that is physical exercise but you will not have the advantage of meeting some people. Generally, many old people go to the bank for their transactions. My father is a living example for this. An 84 years old man, he goes to the bank every Saturday and the employees of the bank attend to his work immediately.
    He feels very happy to go there as he can meet some people at least once a week. Daily in the evening he makes a trip to the village temple and spends some time there. These are all the pleasure trips.

    always confident

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    Oh! Really great. I did not expect so much from anyone. Very impressive.

    Dr. N.V.Srinivasa Rao,

    The aspect - advantage of meeting people and having aquantaince with them - is really very useful one.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I love to fetch things required for the family never mind it is early in the morning or late evening. Normally I wont like to go out once inside the house, but sometimes there would be visitors. friends who drop in unexpectedly and for that purpose I would go out to fetch things. Yes it is the fact that we get news paper, milk and even vegetables and flowers are delivered at home, still going across the colony end and having a stroll in the morning is very important and little exercise too. But when it drizzles in the morning hours it is nasty to walk as there would be residue of rain water blocking the pathways.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I get up very early and prepare my tea. I also prepare bed tea for my wife. In the morning, I go the market, purchase milk, egg and vegetables. Occasionally I take the garbage to the garbage bin located at a distance of 150 metres from my residence. Newspapers and periodicals are delivered by the vendor at the doorstep. Till a few months ago, I fairly occasionally took my daughter to her school when her school van remained absent. [But those days are now over (because she will start going to college on 20th July)]. Sometimes I wash utensils when our maid takes announced/unannounced leave.

    But generally, I don't cook or wash clothes.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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