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    CSR and Public hospitals: why not think differently?

    Our Vice-President, Mr Venkaiah Naidu has talked about throwing open the new hospitals to the private sector through a public-private partnership. One really does not know what will happen if this is seriously done. How will the poor patients manage the high cost of medicine?

    Instead, if the private Corporate houses can spend a portion of their expenses under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) umbrella, we can achieve far better results. Why for example, can't a consortium of six big retail shops in Chennai or Coimbatore, for example, donate some five crore per annum to a Government hospital and also oversee the facilities? Better rest rooms, better water facilities, better hygiene, better beds and so on. Once this is done, there will be solid base for the Government hospitals to offer far better services to poor people.

    They can even take over the cost of more ambulance services. Or maintenance of all housekeeping services. If it is in Government hands as of now, "not my responsibility" attitude creeps in, with disastrous results.

    What do you have to say about this?
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    The idea that the private pharmaceutical giants or rich pharma companies or prosperous drug wholesellers may contribute financial aid to Govt hospitals is a good idea but until they get a say in the governance part, things may not improve.

    As the author has also pointed out it is somehow necessary that the governance is to be improved in this sector.

    Funds are not a problem even for the Govt. Where we are lacking is punctuality, discipline and seriousness of our jobs.

    So the model private-public partnership may be a solution in this direction. Let us see whether it is implemented in that spirit or not.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility is already been delegated in Telangana to the private hospitals where in they are supposed to treat the poor patients under the Arogyashree scheme, without turning the poor patients to other hospitals. That is the reason being so we find more patients of poor and middle class availing the Arogyashree treatment and of course those wards are of general in nature without additional facilities. The patients get all great facilities including lunch for the attendant and the total medical expenses are borne by the state government through departments.
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    Many corporates in Hyderabad under the corporate social responsibility scheme are helping some poor patients by arranging medical treatments and they are paying the total expenditure under this scheme. The company where I am working presently and I worked before are in the process of arranging free medical treatment to the poor people near their factories. They allocate a certain amount towards the treatment for these people and till is exhausted they will be doing this. Because of this many poor people are getting benefitted. Under CSR Corporates can't undertake permanet responsibility. The amount will vary from year to year based on the profit. So the allocations will be different from one year to another year. As per the CSR rule also the full amount can't be used for only health aspects. There are many other fields also for which some allocation should be there.
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