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    If anyone shouts at you, is he controlling you or stressing his point to be agreed ?

    Apart from politicians, we have some people around us who shouts while talking so that others gather attention towards him and by doing so he thinks he is having total control over as others are keenly watching his shouting. Some have the knack of interfering in between and stress their point of view of be accepted by others. These people would be watching for the weak persons and their group and try to dominate on them. What is your view on this ? And how do you tackle with such persons. ?
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    If someone shouts at us unnecessarily we should not tolerate. If we have to accept someone as superior to us, we should get convinced but he can't do that by bulldozing the things on us. He should convince us with his action and maturity and then only we can accept. There are two types of leadership. One is by holding a stick in the hand but using very rarely. These days it is proved that this the best method. The other one is always using a stick which is proved to be not effective in the present circumstances.
    In the office, if somebody tries to bulldoze the issues what we should do is to raise a doubt about the issue and leave it on the table who is trying to bulldoze. Then the ball will be in his court and he has struggled hard to completely close the issue. Some people will try to send back the file with a small note to us. Then it is better immediately writing something and sending back to him is the way we have to tackle such situation.

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    My reaction is unfortunately not uniform, it depends on my mood. Most of the time I try to reason with the person who is shouting at me. But sometime I become very silent and ask them to leave immediately. Even in the office also, such incidents happen regularly. As the head of Administration, I regularly face angry employees, but my attitude remains the same. In one or two occasions, I even asked some of the seniors (by rank) to leave me (of course, when I am absolutely sure that I have not done any wrong and in case of further questioning, I can establish my contentions).
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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