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    Subramanian Swamy of BJP says NDA wants one more term to fulfill the promises ?

    I think what the BJP MP Subramanian Swamy said is right. No government can function fully and show its performance in one term. And in the case of Modi government, the major decisions like the demonetization, GST and promise to bring black money to the country is yet to give full results and added to that noted economist Amarteya Sen has criticized this government that the economy is going back. So in this back drop Subramainain Swamy has sought the voters to help BJP to form the government again to fulfill the pending promises and set right the set backs. Will that happen ?
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    Swamy has said this and it is quite logical. It is really difficult to complete the task taken by the present Government in only 5 years. Afterall, the population is more than 125 crores and there is opposition to every reform process and developmental activity, by the self-seeking opposition parties. But people know that work has started everywhere.
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    Yes Partha no other government if comes to power can even take vengeance and reverse the decisions taken by Modi government and to that effect the BJP must be feeling happy.
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    It is very reasonable. Within this five years, the government has decided the path of its journey and started its journey and come some way. Still, there is a lot of roads to cover. So if we allow them to come to power for one more time 90% they may come out of the road. But if another party comes to power, they will try to establish their own road and again it may take another 5 years for them to start going in the correct way. Ultimately the country will maintain the same status or bo worst, we don't know. That all depends on the path that has been decided to be followed by the newcomers. So a wise voter should vote in favour of the present government.
    I feel many of the voters will also in the same line of thinking and chances for Modi to come back to power are increasing as the elections come nearer. Let us hope everything will go well for the country.

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    "Miles to go, before I sleep". It takes time to complete a new project for a vast country like India. Projects taken up by any government takes time to complete because of few reasons. I am trying to describe few of them.

    First of all, many projects are announced before any feasibility study and after announcement of that project all the stakeholders come together to put forward. A significant time is wasted here. Secondly, it takes time to convince the opposition and pass necessary legislation. Considering all these, 5 years may not be enough time to complete big tasks.

    The effect of demonetization or implementation of GST is debatable among different sectors and all the statistics published afterwards are confusing enough to come to any conclusion. From the job scenario, it is well understood that enough jobs are not there for the youth and many small and medium businesses are facing tough times. This may be temporary, but overall affecting the economy in a big way.

    As for the comment of Mr. Swamy, I am reminded of a joke heard long ago. An incumbent of a particular party went for an election campaign and requested voters to vote for them again with a plausible excuse that's hard to fathom. He said, "see we are here for the last five years, I agree that we have done little for you but filled our coffers to the fullest. In the next five years will do everything for you, but if you vote the opposition they will again start filling their coffers without doing anything for you and you will be deceived forever". This is just a joke, don't take it so seriously. We all hope for the best.


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    Nice reasoning by Sankalan. You are destined to get the best member award soon.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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