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    Now that Samsung is going to start manufacturing high end mobiles in India, will it sells for cheap

    Yesterday it was a big day for India and the world as the World's largest mobile manufacturing facility set up by Samsung was inaugurated by PM Narender Modi and thus begins the major success as the part of central government initiative to bring foreign manufactures to India as part of Make in India and Made in India. This new facility is going to manufacture high end mobiles for the world and we expect Samsung to sell their products at very reasonable cost so that every Indian owns their mobile. Is that possible ?
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    It is good to note that Samsung is starting its manufacturing activities in a big way in UP, India. Yesterday the plant was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. Definitely, the cost of the product will be less as the manpower cost in India will be less. So chances are there the benefit from this will be passed on to the customer by the company. They may do that at least for a while until the product is proved for its quality. It is a partial success to the government in realising its make in India scheme resulting into a big factory. The others will follow in due course of time. It is just starting. This will give some hope to the people waiting for some job opportunities in India. Let us hope that there will be positive benefits to the people of the country in general and to the people of Uttar Pradesh in particular. I hope many more such factories will start functioning in India and job opportunities for the people will be on increasing mode.
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    Samsung is not starting manufacturing of phones in India now. It has been manufacturing phones in India since 2005. What Modi & Moon inaugurated yesterday was a new plant in Noida, adjacent to the existing plant, which is going to double the production of manufacturing of phones in India. So, basically it is just an expansion of already existing factory. That is it!

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    Although the costing remains the essential parameters which provides the basis for minimum pricing of any commodity. But the there is one another criteria of demand & supply, which declares the final price of the product. It's a strategy keeping in view of the competition as well. And so believing the pricing will get lower because of the new setup is having no ground.

    But the new setup will lead to the improved customer services, could surely be the case.

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    Whether new plant or extension of existing plant, we are interested to have Samsung Mobiles at cheap rates, is that possible ?
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